Take Breath of Fresh Air at Chef’s Table Courtside with Friends and Family

Dhaka is, undoubtedly, on its way to becoming one of the fastest-growing megacities in the world. From teeming slums and blueish haze in the murky sky to luxury condominiums and world-renowned international hotel chains, Dhaka has it all. In the midst of the cluster of demographic chaos, the average citizens of this Megacity have little to no recreational ground in the city. However, one venture is trying to change that for the citizens of Dhaka. Yes, we are talking about the recently launched Chef’s Table Courtside.


The necessity of a recreational gathering place for family and friends is where the story of Chef’s Table Begin. Granted that there are some places where people can go to spend time with family, but those are neither comfortable nor offers quality time.

Keeping that in mind, the core objective was to provide families with a place that is easily accessible, comfortable and secure enough for all to have quality food and time.


The massive urbanization comes with some scary statistics. The number of people with Vitamin D deficiency and bad eye-sight due to lack of a wider field of vision is quite frightening. The future generation is now being deprived of open-air space, where they can run and play. Even technology has grabbed their freedom and scope of mental development to some extent. Which is why Chef’s Table Courtside aims to provide a great outdoor experience for consumers with a wide variety of hygienic and quality food items.


Striving to become a socially responsible entity that people can trust, Chef’s Table Courtside envisions to provide opportunities to consumers to spend quality time with family and friends.

The Location:

Set on a sprawling area of over 7 acres, the establishment is enriched by a multi-discipline sports facility and event venue just beside it. Along with multiple fields for different sports, it has a kids zone and a spacious walkway to enjoy. It already hosted a number of large events and the management aims to establish this as a major event hub of the city.


True to the core nature of Chef’s Table as a whole, the new edition has also onboarded a carefully curated list of top food brands of Dhaka. With over 35 choices, it is the perfect destination for a food venture. Not to mention the experiential collection of Kebabs, innovative tea ranges and some new explorations by different brands.

To make the whole experience complete, Chef’s Table Courtside has some exclusive retail brands like Shadakalo, Kay Kraft, Deshal, MiniGood etc. They hold a weekly event called Courtside Bazaar to promote local artisans and crafts.  


The management team of Chef’s Table Courtside runs a tight ship to maintain and improve the reputation and the quality of service. Chef’s Table Courtside is now working towards hosting and arranging various activities, which will be meaningful in terms of mental growth and development, especially for children. Chef’s Table Courtside is on its way to become the ultimate family destination, where every member of the family will have meaningful engagements to ensure quality time.