Featuring London Based Fashion Blogger Bushra Sidd @bsiddlife

As the world revolves further into the future, our dependence on social media grows deeper and gets more integrated into our daily lives. Checking our phone screens in every 12 minutes in hopes to dig up the perfect outfit, sharing experiences or even look for recommendations for literally everything.

With that being said, the term “Influencers” has become a phenomenon in the current age to Millenials in case of brands and fashion scene. They play a crucial role when it comes to shopping decisions as their reach continues to grow. A bit of a throwback; fashion was presented to us through glossy magazines and catwalk shows. Through these controlled channels, fashion was kept exclusive, determined by designers and magazine editors. Fast-forward to 2020, and it’s a very different story.

With platforms like Instagram, we can essentially become our own magazine editors, sharing our personalised style with potentially millions of users. While catwalks and glossies remain a part of today’s fashion sphere, fashion is more fluid and interactive than ever before — changing the way fashion brands connect with their core audience.
Social media platforms are making further enhancements and brands and retailers are adapting to them. By acknowledging the power of influencers, brands are innovating to remain relevant in the future. They are exploring to create a space that connects both the digital and the physical world.

Bushra Sidd is one such influencer who has built a reputation for her knowledge and expertise on the current fashion scene. Making regular posts on her being a fashionista and shouting out to several brands have garnered her a following of almost 40k followers on her Instagram. Be it bridal-wear, ethnic, streetwear, accessories or shoes he has covered it all in her Instagram page under the handle of bsiddlife. While leading an exciting life, she travels around the world amassing her inspiration to expand her ventures and to grow as an individual.

Model: Bushra Sidd@bsiddlife
Wardrobe: Zubaida Faiza Clothing
Makeup & Hair: AURA Beauty Lounge
Photography: Riyad Ashraf