Hailing all the way from Australia, The Chocolate Room began its journey with a boom on Dhaka’s Gulshan Avenue just about two months ago. In this very short span of time their warm and cosy café environment, alongside the unique menu has had customers flooding in day and night.

The Journey

Photographs by Tutul Nesar

This world-famous bistro and café was established in 2006 in Geelong, Victoria, and now has more than 300 branches across 11 countries and over 50 cities in the world. With their excellence in freshness and quality in both their products and services, it is no surprise that soon their concept of live kitchen, diverse dessert items, and the trendy interior became an experience people kept coming back for.
They stand apart for the simple reason that they are distinctly recognizable, with beautiful sit down places, a smoking lounge as well as trendy interiors that tell you the history of chocolate and can sit over 70 people at a time. You can choose to hang out or come in for a long or hasty casual or business meeting. Right from sizzling hot or chilled cold slurries to sweet or savoury snacks, The Chocolate Room as a quick-service restaurant chain has it all to set your mood right.

How Much Is Too Much Chocolate?

Chocolates are a language everyone speaks. No doubt kids love them. Youngsters find it a suitable way of expressing love to their better half. Old men and women alike take delight in their indulgence. And this chocolate specialty café knows exactly how to whip out any bakery products to take your tastebuds on a trip. Their servers are well trained to prepare a range of delicacies for all types of customers and their cravings.

This chocolatier’s signature dessert item includes the Chocolate Bombs, and make sure you have at least 3 more friends of yours with you to finish this mouth-watering delight! The KitKat, Red Velvet and Black Forrest shakes are some of their most popular as well, besides the common favourite, the Italian hot chocolate and frappes.

Photographs by Tutul Nesar

Now something a little unorthodox? How about a pizza made of chocolate? Well, wonder no more because The Chocolate Room has it, by the name of “Chocizza”! Additionally, something new that the chocoholics can expect here is the Choctails and Chocolate Shots – versions of well-known items at bars, but made of chocolate instead!

For people out on the weekend for a sugary adventure, a famous Chocolate Room dessert item is the “TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday” sundae. While you’re there, make sure to remember ordering your cakes for birthdays and other parties right here at the café.
What Dhaka has probably rarely seen before is the fondue – marshmallow dipped in liquid chocolate and served with fruits such as strawberry that go so well together.


A Wholesome Experience

Photographs by Tutul Nesar

Interestingly, unlike its name the café is not just about chocolates. Bring yourself over for a fulfilling breakfast or quick lunch and dinner that includes soup, pizzas, burgers, nachos or steaks too!

Their coffee and tea menus have variations that no other coffee shop in Dhaka can boast of having, such as the Kashmiri Kahwa. More beverages include your regular mocktails as well. Order from a wide arrange of waffles or pancakes along with it, as well as a European breakfast if you please. There are muffins and croissants, sandwiches and salads too.
And the best part remains how affordable they all are!

Paninos have been a great attraction lately. Their unusual subway style presentation grilled with meat and cheese can be very appealing for your tastebuds. Garlic bread, Italian toasts, pasta, spaghetti as well as mac n’ cheese are also on the menu.

A Future Filled with Chocolates

Photographs by Tutul Nesar

The Chocolate Room takes pride in its delicate presentation of food items. With such uniqueness, pretty soon they plan to expand to other large cities of Bangladesh such as Chittagong, and across the whole of the country eventually.

Some more great news! Currently, The Chocolate Room has a 10% discount on every check-in you give on social media from their location. The café remains open from 8 am to 2 am every day of the week, and caters for any sort of celebration ranging from birthday parties to corporate functions. You can also find at the store readymade chocolate boxes, bouquets or other merchandise for presenting to your loved ones. Chocoholics, get ready to indulge in the sweet gluttony that’s here to stay!