A journey that started a decade ago has now become the first choice of every fashion enthusiast in the country. If fashion and clothing is something that ignites your interest, then the name of the country’s enchanting fashion brand, Moon’s Boutique must have popped up in your newsfeed dozens of times,
Situated in Banani 11, Moon’s Boutique is nothing short of a fashion paradise for all the fashionistas and divas of the country. Maisha Tarannum Iqbal chats with Nasrin Jahan Munmun and gets to know the face behind Moon’s Boutique.

Tell us something about yourself.

I am Nasrin Jahan Munmun, the founder of the boutique house Moon’s Gallery. From a young age, sketching sparked a passion in me. That led me to love fashion. Hence, I began my career as a fashion designer, very organically. I feel designing is a crucial aspect of my journey.

When it comes to fashion, it accents the personality of an individual. It can also contribute to the overall outlook of anyone. So to me, it was all about the glamour and research. I have always pushed myself to learn from every experience during the early days.

When I started my label 11 years ago named “Moon”, I never looked back. I am a mother of two children. My Daughter Rizvana Hridita is doing her CFA in Toronto, Canada. She is also working at a reputed financial institution. My son Zaheen Razeen is doing his higher studies at the University of Glasgow. Recently my son was nominated to represent his dream project HYDROQO an artificial intelligence-based water solution at the ONE YOUNG WORLD platform. Currently, he is working alongside Bangladesh WASA to solve water issues with his innovation. I am proud of my children’s achievements.

How has the boutique business and your clients’ preference evolved through time?

Being a full-time mother of two, I began my career in my shop at Banani with my designs and no big plans to turn it into a big brand. However, lady luck had something else planned for me. Moon’s Boutique is recognised as one of the most well-known premium fashion brands in the country.

Keeping up with the times, Moon’s Boutique focuses on women’s clothing and accessories. It is nothing short of a treasure-trove for anyone who is into bling!
Rows of most exceptional quality of beautiful fabrics, embroidered kurtas, kameezes embellished with precious stones, sequins or artwork or racks full of accessories oozing panache and pomp would give your eyes a feast. A place frequented by social elites and up and coming fashionistas, this shop is the one-stop destination for haute couture to pet-e-porter to ready-to-wear collections.

I believe that “a dress is an identity of a person, every individual has a unique identity, and their attire represents that. So my vision is to create a unique dress to preserve the unique identity of the person”. I want to take Bangladeshi designing into the international platform by representing creativity and culture of our own country as well as keeping up with worldwide trends as well.

What trends do you follow when it comes to your business?

Nowadays, consumers are more saturated than ever. People want trendy and more vibrant fashion attire. Coping with the trends and fashion of recent times, the customers wish to present themselves with more modern dresses while exhibiting the essence of our country. Digitally printed fabrics have opened doors to many possibilities in the fashion world. With this, we were able to get new opportunities in the fashion line.

Would you expect a consistent response from your clients in the foreseeable future?

I do prefer that, as this will create more engagement for the brand. Constant feedback from the customer has always helped us to create designs for them. This feedback loop helps us to monitor and get the correct data that meets the customer’s present and future needs. This system helps us to upgrade our designs for the upcoming times.

What is your secret to maintaining a consistent response from your consumers?

I think personal interaction and observation is the primary key. Whenever I get time, I always interact with the customers and want to know their feedback about my design. Sometimes I observe their reaction about my product and design. That gives me the right amount of input and helps me to come up with designs according to customer preference. This protocol of ours helps to respond to the consumer with consistency.