Sunerah Binte Kamal and Sariful Razz shares their journey in “No Dorai”

What comes to mind when one pictures surfing? Blonde dudes and babes riding the waves with sheer elegance with their chiselled body and stoic looks. Better yet, the slow-mo running scene from Bay Watch fits the criteria more perfectly. Now picture surfing in Bangladesh and a movie inspired by a Bangladeshi female surfer. Half a decade ago, this idea might have been farfetched but not anymore. ICE Today VERVE had the special access to the leading casts of the recent phenomena of a movie, No Dorai, to discuss their experience during the production.

Sariful Razz

What were your best experiences during the production process?

In all honesty, a film like No Dorai is somewhat of a blue moon in our industry. It demanded focus, commitment and, the best part, learning how to surf the waves of Cox’s Bazar. This experience became even more beautiful and fun for me when I got to train with my good friend Sunerah. Among other things, learning the Chittagonian dialect was very interesting. In order to adopt the dialect, we had to mix with the locals to get the real feel of the lingo. 

Any challenges you faced during the filming of the movie?

Well, I enjoy facing challenges. It is what drives me to do better. I just mentioned that adopting the dialect and learning how to ride the waves was fun for me. However, they were the biggest challenges for me to endure as well. My character is from the Chattogram and I am from Sylhet, geographically these two regions are situated at two different corners of the country. Thus, learning Chittagonian was challenging for me. When it came to surfing, you as a person have to hold mental and physical prowess to master the sport. I had to endure and absorb as much as I could for my character. In short, my challenges were my best experiences.

Did these experiences change you as a person?

The core message of the movie is women empowerment. If anything, it cemented my beliefs and respect for women even further. When it comes to my confidence, successfully riding my first wave increased it quite a bit. From that point on, the process became much easier. This movie made me more open-minded towards the challenges we face in life.

How would you define the relationship between the two main characters of No Dorai?

The movie portrays a story of struggle, companionship and oppressive family members. The story has the elements of the lives we all live. I hope that our audiences will relate to the story we tried to tell.

Sunerah Binte Kamal

What were the best experiences you had during the filming?

The movie is inspired by the story of the first female surfer of Bangladesh, Nasima who struggled quite much in her life. My life is the polar opposite compared to hers. Being a part of the process for making this movie was one of my best experiences. Sleeping on the sand, getting used to eating the local food and being self-dependant by living away from your family for a prolonged time was an amazing period for me.

Challenges you faced?

Learning how to surf and talk in Chittagonian dialect. These were the toughest obstacle for me to overcome. Surfing requires you to be physically fit and mastering a dialect takes constant practice. However, I managed to pull it off somehow thanks to my team. I made sure that the experiences I gathered will stay with me for the rest of my life.

How did the movie impacted you as a person?

This movie made me evolve as a person. I am more confident of myself, I can take challenges head-on, I learned how to stay alone and be self-sufficient. This movie required me to dive into the role and emerge as a different person. It taught me how it really feels to be in someone else’s shoe and walk in it for miles. My perspective towards life has changed a great deal. It made me stronger than ever. 

Model: Sunerah & Sariful Razz

Concept & Direction: Tawhidur Rashid

Photography: Abir Hossain Noman


On Him: Ecstasy

On Her: Zoan Ash

Makeup & Hair: AURA Beauty Lounge

Venue: Star Cineplex SKS Tower