“Natural, comfortable and back to origin” is a motto followed religiously by the Japan-based designer brand MINISO. Almost all of its products are made with the sole focus on the aesthetic beauty. The simplistic and eye catching presentation of its products has attracted consumers from groups of all ages in a very short span of time. Thus, making MINISO a common household name in Dhaka.

If you are conscious about your tone, smoothness, and clarity of your skin then you are no stranger to everyday beauty or skincare products. Let it be a body and face scrub, oil and moist control or just a waterproof eyebrow pencil, these products can give anyone a small boost of self-confidence. In order to make your confidence more radiant, MINISO now has an impressive lineup of everyday skincare and beauty products.


Joy of Nature  ( Eau de Parfum) 

These perfumes come in decent and subtle packaging. Making anyone feel calm after purchasing one of these. It is perfect for those who prefer natural essence for their fragrance and not too artificial.

BDT 499


Fruit series ( hand sanitizer)

This series of hand sanitizers contains attractive packaging with fruity fragrances. It makes one feels super fresh and clean after use

BDT 499 for 2

Body Scrub

Scrubs are usually applied for exfoliation on the skin so that dead cells can be gotten rid of. It leaves the skin smooth and soft. Body Scrubs also deep cleanses and fixes texture of skin and brightens it

BDT 499

4-in-1 Mini Multifunction Makeup Brush

Great for beginners because it’s an all in one deal. Highly useful and convenient for those who travel a lot and do not want to waste space just for makeup.


  1. Slanted eyebrow brush for a quick touch up on brows.
  2. Eye-shadow brush for a pop of color and some definition on eyelids.
  3. Sponge-head eye-shadow brush for applying pigments and pearly texture precisely and evenly.
  4. Lip brush for defining/enhancing lip shape

BDT 249




Instant beauty pearlescent protection cream

It is great for making your skin glow and very handy for everyday use. It can be a good base for a beaming makeup look. This cream can moisturize your skin and make it look healthy in the process.

BDT 699

Oil control moist Primer

This primer is preferable for those who hate the oily feeling on the skin with or without makeup and prefers a matte look.

BDT 549

Ampoule glowing velvet perfection BB cream

This cream contains 5 shades. BB creams are also for everyday use but contains skin protecting ingredients usually like SPF and anti-aging ingredients as well. It’s like a foundation but much lighter

BDT 899

Ampoule Glowing Silicone Presser CC Cushion with SPF 33 PA+++

This product automatically attracts customers as it contains SPF. For skin care SPF is very important. Moreover, when it is in a makeup product, it is even much higher in demand.

BDT 1299

Eyeconic Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil With Brush

It is a 2 in 1 deal which comes in 9 shades. The brush side is for prepping your brows and make them look uniform. The angled pencil side is for drawing and filling in the brows to make it look snatched and perfect. Its waterproof qualities make it long lasting and will even prevent sweat.

BDT 199

Three folding portable Mirror

This multipurpose mirror with an uncommon funky packaging attracts a lot of people automatically. The mirror’s compact dimensions make it very handy for people who travel a lot.

BDT 199

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