A country you wanted to move to within the first hour of going there
Well, I have had the opportunity to visit some of the most spectacular countries of the world (7 to be precise) with amazing landscapes, mind-blowing infrastructure, law-abiding citizens… the list can go on. Despite all these factors, I never felt the urge to permanently move to a different country apart from my motherland Bangladesh.

I personally become homesick within a month or so after having stayed at a place away from my homeland. I would never opt to move to a different country regardless of the beauty and opportunities prevailing there. I find peace of mind here amongst my family.

A place you never want to go back to
I have not been to any such place, that I gave such bitter experiences that I don’t want to visit anymore. I loved all the places where I have traveled so far.

A place with the best landscapes
It is hard to pinpoint a single place with the best landscape among the places I have visited. However, I was indeed thrilled by the turquoise panoramic beauty of Raja Ampat Islands situated in Indonesia, the unique beauty of the vast deserts of Dubai and the spectacular countrysides of the UK.

A place that was very hard to get to, but worth it
This reminds me of the Bali trip. I went there with my friends. We visited Mount Batur (Gunung Batur), an active volcano located at the center of two concentric calderas northwest of Mount Agung on the island of Bali. It took almost two hours for all of us to hike up there. We all had to exert an enormous amount of physical strength to climb up to the peak of mount Batur, which has an altitude of six thousand feet. After having reached the peak, we could literally see heaven from there. All the hardships paid off.

Your best travel tip
My best travel tip is to research about the place on the internet before exploring it in person.

Your favorite travel outfit and why?
I prefer wearing comfortable outfits while traveling. My favorite is any sort of loose-fitted clothing, especially when on a long journey.

Your longest layover
My longest layover was four hours long at Dubai International Airport in transit. I had access to the Marhaba lounge there. I ate and took rest there. I also roamed around in the airport and did some duty-free shopping. It was a different experience indeed.

A positive or negative experience
My most positive experience was in Dubai. I went to IMG World where I went on a few rides and to the haunted house. It was very scary. We rode into the desert for a desert safari with an expert driver who made us experience one of the best thrills I can recall from my life. It was better than any roller coaster ride. And to top it off, the scenery was beautiful. The camel ride, the fireworks, the belly dance…it were all amazing.

As for the negative, this one time I was traveling by Emirates and they asked all the passengers to drop they hand baggage in for check-in, so I complied. When I reached London, I found that my lock was broken and all the expensive Armani watched I had packed in it were missing. I have complained many times but I’m still in the process of getting proper feedback. It is a very upsetting travel experience that I will never forget.

Traveling solo or in a group
I love to travel with friends but it’s really hard to get everyone to make a plan all together so sometimes I enjoy traveling alone as well.

Favorite continent
Europe. Love it because it has got Great Britain and the best city in the world, London.

Food you always avoid when traveling
When I travel I always try to avoid heavy and spicy meal but I want to taste the local cuisines so I cheat a bit in my diet when on holiday.

Ever got in trouble abroad?
Alhamdulillah till now didn’t face anything

Worst airport experience
Alhamdulilah till now I haven’t faced anything like that, just fight delays made me very angry during long journeys

What’s the friendliest country you’ve visited?
Definitely London, everyone is very friendly and kind. For example, on the London Underground train sometimes I would have to carry a giant bag with me and you have to use the stairs to exit. Often people would come to offer their help to carry your bag or ask if they can help you find your location.

Favorite shopping destination?
Oxford Street, London

A country you’d love the opportunity to work in
Milan in Italy, the fashion hub of the world

Ever fallen love in love abroad?
Yes, I have fallen in love so many times but I fall in love with the landscape, weather, food, environment *laughs*


*London shoot
Styling, hair & makeup: Salma Uma
Photography: Jay Samuel
*Bali shoot
Styling: Nameera Azman
Photography: Stephan Kotash
*Dubai shoot 
Makeup: Sahar Karmostaji
Photography: Mishel Green