The Midas Touch

Daniel Rahman is a name that needs no introduction in the realms of media. He played a crucial role in pioneering radio stations in Dhaka after founding Radio Foorti and currently heads Dhaka FM, the country’s largest FM Radio. He also carries the distinction of being Dhaka’s youngest CEO ever, achieving that feat in his late twenties. But it is not his prominence in the media which has created all the buzz recently, but rather is his latest venture: Boma Burger.

The name itself is enough to grasp your attention and is unlike anything we have heard before. It is unique and catchy, so I had to ask about its origins. “Whenever my friends and I go somewhere to eat and one of us orders a dish that blows our mind, we say that the dish is ‘boma’. So basically that was the idea behind the name, a burger that will amaze people”, exclaimed Daniel.

Daniel spent two years trying to materialize his passion project. “I am a huge burger fun and you can say that Dhaka is the city of burgers with so many blossoming burger places. But I always felt like there was something missing. I felt like there was a void. So I reached out to my friend and business partner Naorose Bin Ali who is a trained chef and we decided to come up with something unique to fill that void”.

He believes that burgers have a natural ability to connect people and thus he set out to a journey to fulfill his goal. After spending months trying out different burger places in Thailand and then experimenting in his own kitchen, Boma Burger was finally launched. And the response was amazing! You could say that it quite literally lived up to its name as it completely blew up on social media. Photos of their burgers, most notably the “Banani Bombastic” and “MurgiMilon” became staples of our newsfeeds for weeks and their fries generated quite the hype.

The biggest challenge for Boma Burger would be to hold on to their quality and also improve it in the process. And Daniel leaves no stones unturned regarding this. “I believe that a restaurant is only as good as its owner. This is why I personally monitor everything”, said Daniel. He goes as far as to ordering anonymously from home just to ensure that his employees are maintaining quality. They also have a limited amount of burgers available per day and although being sold out regularly causes Daniel to sacrifice revenue, he believes in maintaining quality first.

Since its inception, Boma Burger has done extremely well but it still has a long way to go. However, given Daniel’s passion and his knack of making things click combined with Noarose’s cooking talent and experience, the future looks bright for Boma Burger indeed. He plans on expanding to different areas and even cities in hopes of establishing the Boma brand as a true powerhouse.