The Secret To Conquering Taste Buds!

It is the middle of the day and the thermostat reads 19 degrees Celsius.
This means winter is officially here. What more could you want than a bowl of steaming hot, creamy laksa?

Luckily, we know exactly where to get one. A good one.

Secret Recipe, a Malaysian chain with an interesting menu opened in Bangladesh a few months ago. They sell fusion malay food and award-winning cakes.
When we say award-winning, their Chocolate Brulee Cake has quite literally been declared the best cake in China. This layered beauty, consisting of a biscuit base, mud cake, vanilla creme brulee, chocolate mousse and a chocolate glaze to bring it all together lives up to its title.

Famous for its cheesecakes as well, we tasted their raspberry version which was perfectly sweet, creamy and full of a fresh raspberry flavor.

Out of the savory items, we tried the BBQ Chicken pizza, Norwegian Salmon Steak and the Singapore Laksa. The pizza was thin-crusted and topping-full, perfectly edible but not the best pizza in Dhaka. The salmon steak was surprisingly fresh, considering salmon is not native to Bangladesh. It came accompanied with a sweet sauce that worked well with the fish and very delicious sides of garlic beans and flawless mashed potato.

The Singapore Laksa deserves its own paragraph as it was our favorite dish – spicy, creamy, full of flavor and topped with all manner of seafood, noodles, beans, eggs. Being a Malaysian restaurant, the East Asian dish was quite rightly the tastiest.

Overall space had a casual vibe, with parents bringing their kids for an after-school sweet treat and office-going individuals enjoying one of the quick and cheap meal deals. The recently opened flagship store in Gulshan 2 is bright and clean, making it a great place for a laid back lunch or coffee with a friend. They also have an executive room available for meetings and corporate get-togethers.

Don’t forget to order the cake!