Hear Hair

By Waez Rahman

Every man’s Achilles Heel is their hair. No matter how well they are dressed, if their hair is not on point, a ‘bad hair day’ cap is their only refuge. Having entered the season of festivities, maintaining slick and smart hair is every man’s priority; after all, nobody wants to carry around a disaster on top of them.

Vitamin, Protein and a Ton Lot of Nutrients
In the words of the founder of Mr. Cutts, Arfin, you must focus on “what you’re eating”. If you have sworn allegiance to junk food while nutritious, healthy food with lots of minerals, proteins and vitamins lay on the other side of the spectrum, then you, my friend better start taking precaution.

According to science, Vitamin A and B help in the fast growth of your hair. Vitamin C is a fantastic antioxidant which protects the hair from free radical damage and prevents it from aging. Iron helps carry oxygen all across your body which also includes your scalp hence, increasing hair growth. And finally, protein is crucial in growing strong and healthy hair because they are responsible for making them.

Stylists at Razors N Scissors pointed out how high stress levels can be the bane of your hair problems. If strands of white hair have started creeping out from every possible corner of your scalp even if you are just 23, your are most likely having serious stress issues. Take a step back, relax and do ‘pranayam’; you deserve it.

It is also very crucial to make sure that you use quality products. Don’t just agree to any sort of hair treatment your barber offers. Read through the ingredients of the product to make sure there is no sulphate or any other harmful substances which can turn your scalp into Mars.

Less Is More
Winter means roads and streets full of dirt and dust. It is obvious that you will be shampooing every day. Try not to do that and focus on using small amounts of shampoo when you do so since you don’t want to lose your natural oil. “Use small amounts of shampoo and rinse to your heart’s desire!” exclaims Arfin as he mimics his finger movement through his hair.

Beauty Sleep Is Real
For grooms to be, skip the late night chats with your lovelies and befriend yourself with your bed for a goodnight’s sleep will prove to be healthy for your skin and hair. Now you know the secret to Prince Charming’s beauty.

The 3 Week Rule
Try paying your barber a visit every three weeks and getting a trim. The idea is to get rid of split ends to make sure the hair grows longer and stronger. Three weeks is a nice guideline to follow to maintain a neat and sharp look.

When getting a haircut, make sure that you constantly communicate with your barber. Tell them how you want your sides, back, front, sideburns; go into as much details as possible. You’ll realize that this will save you from disasters every time, especially before your big day.

Stay Ahead
Mr. Cutts suggests that men with mid level hair can opt for fringes while those with man buns can add an undercut going all out experimenting with designs. Oh, and don’t worry about messy hair because that’s in. Razors N Scissors says that pompadours, comb over, quaff and slick backs will reign supreme this and the coming year.