Prepping for D -Day

From getting your ensemble on point to figuring out the décor scheme for your wedding hall, there’s loaded checklist brides have to tackle in the weeks leading up to ‘D-day’. With the unsettling pressure to have it all done right or to even look your bridal best bogging you down, we often forget one simple truth that you really don’t need to look like a 10 out of 10 – as long as you look like yourself and feel good about it. Having said that, it’s always a good idea to prep and prime yourself earlier on to make sure your hair and skin are at their best. ICE Today presents you the ultimate wedding beauty checklist to tackle the pre-wedding blues, in style:

4 weeks to go

Hair game
This is just the time you should begin all your heavy duty beauty work, if not two weeks earlier. Especially if you’re someone who’s into heat-styling your hair regularly if you want it split-end and fly-away proof beforehand, this is when you should get a trim. The only way to repair damaged hair, especially the ends, is to trim it and nourish it.

Skin essentials
Keep your diet healthy and try to eat more proteins such as fish, eggs, and nuts. As for your skin care needs, you may indulge in a facial or weekly face masks to slough off dead skin and increase circulation. If you have difficult or acne prone skin, it’s best not to experiment with anything new this week. Make sure that your night time skincare routine includes a water-soluble makeup remover that is gentle on your skin and eyes, followed by a good moisturizer to prep and plump your skin.

Smile checklist
One of the most important beauty tasks brides forget is their teeth. If you do think you want your pearly whites to be at their best, this is when you schedule your first dental appointment, if not earlier. Scaling/whitening/polishing can take up to three appointments and you want to get them out of the way beforehand.

3 weeks to go
Keep up your skin and hair care routine from last week to remain consistent.
If you are like most brides and have a new set of clothes and shoes for your wedding events, it’s a good idea to wear them for a short while every day and walk around the house so you can get comfortable in them. As for skincare, don’t try to experiment with in-house treatments; instead, keep it simple: use extra sun protection, a gentle exfoliator and keep both your body and face moisturized.

2 weeks to go
By this time, you should be in good shape but you can always re-evaluate your hair and skin needs. If you intend to have your hair up or prefer an elaborate updo, it’s best not to indulge in extra conditioning treatments – the more textured your hair is, instead of being overly moisturized, the easier it will be to style.

The second last week is also all about practicing restraint in terms of your diet and exercise regime. To reduce the chances of bloating or puffy eyes, steer clear of eating too many carbs or excessively salty foods. Not only does this tend to make your body retain water, but it also leaves your eyes looking puffy and swollen – a bride’s worst nightmare.
Finally, you need to test drive your full look, including your saree/lehenga, footwear as well as your jewelry. You want to make sure everything feels comfortable and you don’t have to struggle under the weight of your saree or fuss with a loose pin on your necklace.

1 week to go
With just a few days before you’re ready to say ‘Kabul’, there’s no beauty tip as important as the simple: hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day and try to get 6-8 hours of shuteye.

-Get waxed and threaded at least five days prior to your wedding so that you have ample time to reduce any potential redness or inflammation.

-Book your manicure and pedicure, and get your tips ready two days prior to the wedding. It’s best to take your time with it and try a gel manicure that is going to last you longer, having fewer chances of chipping.

-Even a basic facial in the week prior to your wedding can break you out, so it’s best to steer clear of this in the days leading up to your wedding.

Finally, to de-stress and enjoy the fact that you have completed all your beauty to-dos, it’s time to treat yourself to some alone time. Indulge in a full body massage or even a head massage which can be the perfect way to ensure that both your mind and body is relaxed and wedding-ready.