In conversation with designer Farzana Malik

With the arrival of the wedding season, the bridal fashion is in full bloom. To celebrate the occasions, Farzana Malik, a thriving name in the fashion industry, combines different flavours of fashion and showcases a ‘tres magnifique’ wedding collection for the stylish brides.

Farzana Malik has been reinventing bridal fashion for almost eighteen years and showcasing an excellent understanding of silhouettes and fabric use. A patron of both traditional and contemporary fads, Farzana modernises local heritage and crafts featuring embellishments on the wedding dresses or sarees blending traditional outfits with modern pattern or cuts. “I brand outfits that are comfortable and yet exude sensuality,” the designer asserts. Speaking of her inspirations, Farzana shares, “I grew up wearing dresses from a boutique named Aquila’s designs by Dida Rahman. Her unique design stirred my creative knack. Moreover, Rina Latif has also been my guiding star throughout.”

Talking about her concepts, the artisan expresses, “I have always adored textured fabrics and vivid colours. The harmonious blend of eastern and western wear has brought a fresh perspective in the wedding culture of Bangladesh. Muslin, Silk, Katan, Khadi and many more local fabrics are meticulously chosen to make blouses, pants, long skirts, and even sarees.” Farzana encourages the fashion concern generation and applauds their taste. “The touch of tradition has never been obsolete. Both traditional and modern outfits are picked by my clients,” she reveals her clients’ preferences. However, modern cuts and different patterns are on hype these days,” she adds up.

Aside her wedding wardrobe, she lines up regular attires for the women who reflect elegance and style. “Ornamented embroidery on silk, muslin and colourful block printing and screen printing on cotton fabrics which woman love to wear everyday are my signature creations,” she words her ideas. With higher aspirations Farzana enforces, “I plan to target international market and introduce my products to online stores.” She is also planning events at the end of this year. “Let’s hope for better days in future”, she adieus with.