Hitched without Hassle


By Muntaqa Bari

Weddings are joyous occasions. Planning a wedding, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Between maintaining a cordial relationship with all the new in-laws who must now adore you and figuring out which of your colleagues you like enough to put on the ever-growing guest list, things can get a little out of control. To help put out the raging fire inside your head, we have listed down a few apps that may make getting married a less painless ordeal.

This app is a godsend for people who want to be in complete control of planning their wedding. When you first open the app and finish signing up, it will ask you a series of questions like the date of the event and your approximate budget. Then it will suggest a list of tasks for you like “Research wedding planner” and ask you for a due date for the task completion. You can also add little notes to each task to personalize them. The app also suggests a list of vendors you may have to hire and the payment you want to allocate for each vendor. The app automatically updates itself everytime you add a payment and deducts it from the overall budget to show how much more you can spend. The home screen serves as a constant reminder of how many days you have till the wedding, the number of tasks you have yet to complete and the budget you have remaining.

Everyone knows Pinterest is a great app for getting unique ideas. It can also help you get creative with your own wedding (or you know, mooch off other people’s creativity). Pinterest can help you select the themes for the different events, style of wedding invites, flower decorations, henna designs and so much more. Simply “pin” the item you like and add it to your Pinterest board. You can have multiple boards dedicated to a wide variety of items like “Cake decorations” and “Wedding tables”. Instead of powering through scores of websites to look for one particular item, you can pretty much get anything you are looking for on Pinterest. It is your one-stop solution.

This app is your pal when it comes to losing those last few pesky pounds before your big day in order to make you look bomb in your wedding outfit. Simply enter your height, age, weight, target weight and the duration of time you want to achieve it into the app and the app will tell you the number of calories you should intake per day in order to reach your goal. The app’s Calorie Counter can measure the number of calories in the type of food that you eat. This will help you not to overshoot your required calories intake. You can also keep track of your daily exercises to know how much you burn during the activity.

If your honeymoon is your reward for all the painstaking hard work you had to put behind your wedding, you want it to be efficiently fun. The keyword being efficient. TripIt is a smart app that goes through your email to find all the itinerary attachments and compile their data to make one single itinerary for you. The app automatically recognizes mails for hotel and flight bookings in your inbox. If you feel that privacy is an issue you can choose to manually forward the emails to TripIt. Once the app has your travel details it can send you alerts for flight delays, gate changes, available check-ins and other journey-related notifications This is all so that you may have the most efficient form of travel.

“Belong anywhere” – this is Airbnb’s slogan. You can choose to stay in a hotel on your honeymoon, but if you truly want a more personal experience during your stay and feel part of the community, book a home through Airbnb. You can have an entire place all to yourself and your significant other in a completely different country and live like the locals. This can make for a truly memorable trip. You can also browse the “experiences” you can have during your trip beforehand and book the ones you like so that you have a proper itinerary. All these so that you can make the most of the once in a lifetime experience you are about to have.

We hope that any one of these apps will come of use to you to make enjoying this hopefully-once-in-a-lifetime experience better.