You’re stepping out of your Mercedes S class, shoes polished with such finesse that you can spot that one strand of hair sticking out of your perfectly back brushed hair; you’re wearing a double breasted navy suit with a pocket square, which is matched immaculately with your maroon necktie in a double Windsor knot. Your Eagle Claw cufflinks stick out of your French cuff with glory, and what can we say about that classic timepiece you’re wearing which was handed to you as a gift from your grandfather. You stand as the epitome of a gentleman. But right when you walk towards the doors of Bangladesh’s top 5-star hotel, something seems to be in your mouth that seems to be bothering you and you immediately shoot a canon ball like spit near the entrance. All your efforts of dressing smart gone in vein just by half a cubic metre of saliva. You might be dressed as a “gentleman” but you definitely didn’t act like one.
Gentlemen, you don’t just dress smart, you must act smart too. Basic manners and etiquettes speak highly of you and help in building a strong impression of who you are. Let your actions and some kind words speak for you and let your clothes take the back seat (for the time being).


These two magical words can light up anybody’s day. Whether it is a shopkeeper selling stationery or a guard holding the door for you or a friend who just explained an assignment to you, say ‘thank you’. These aren’t mere words but a way in which you’re showing your appreciation for their efforts. Young, old, rich, poor, thank anyone and everyone who helps you without expecting anything in return. Think and speak well and good things will follow.


“What the $@!* is wrong with you”
“$@!* my life”
It’s not cool to spit the ‘F’ word after every syllable and it’s definitely not funny. There’s nothing more unintelligent than cursing. There are much respectful ways in which you can make yourself heard, in which you can stand out. Don’t lose your credibility in such a shameful manner, you don’t deserve this.


Something that is very striking about the majority of people is that they don’t like to listen to others but only want to speak about themselves. People out there want somebody who is willing to listen to them, listen about moments of happiness, sadness, moments which made them feel relevant. Try to pay attention to what they say instead of cutting them off half way at every instance with your tales. Be the first to offer your ears for once. The individual will feel and realise that you’re paying attention and will develop a liking for you, and will respect you because you just made that person feel special and important.


While open-mindedness can mean a lot of things, there’s one major characteristics of being open-minded which we consciously or sub-consciously ignore: reacting to criticism. We humans might arguably be the greatest creation of God but we still can’t deny the fact that we can be imperfect. Positively accepting our mistakes when others point them out for us not only is a sign of patience and of a reflective character but is crucial in helping us grow to be better people. This means that you’re willing to understand your flaws and are willing to work on them.


This speaks volumes about you. The moment you reach your class, work, meeting or party on time, you right away form a strong impression about yourself. This proves that you’re loyal, trustworthy, honest and that you take your work seriously. Don’t wait until the break of dawn to start working on the assignment that you have due; start now. After all, doing things on time lays the very foundation of punctuality.


A lot of women might come running at me with shoes, fruits and sticks to give me a good battering but before they do, I have an explanation. Holding the door for a woman, letting them go first are signs of respect. It means that the man thinks high of you and respects you. That is why he is treating you like a queen, because you’re worth it. Would you not do the same for an elderly person? Of course you do, because you have utmost respect for them.
Money can never heighten your status if you lack the fundamentals of mannerism. There’s a famous quote by Mohammad Iqbal which simply lays down what we should aspire to be –
“Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle

Khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kya hai”

Raise yourself to such great heights that before every destined act, God himself asks about your desire.

Ali Sakhi

Ali Sakhi Khan is a contributing writer at ICE Today. When he is not writing, he is cracking lame jokes with hopes of making people laugh