The story of Karim Mojumdar, Managing Director of Nadia Furniture

With the sole purpose of combining simplicity, affordability and creativity in furnishing the households and beyond, A. Karim Mojumdar, Managing Director of Nadia Furniture Limited, started off his journey almost three decades ago with his creative approach to ensure better living. He has been keeping to his words since then and built an empire based on trust, quality and ingenuity. With a kick-start of leaving a stable job at the ICDDRB, he took a fierce step towards his passion and interest in business and got his industry to the heights of success.

How it all started

“It amazed me to see that even without any formal knowledge or training, how skilfully the craftsmen of our country are able to transform something as static as a block of wood into a piece of intricately carved piece of art that adds life to our abode,” the crafts enthusiast began. The aesthetic knack and good intentions brought him to invest in a business not lucrative as others. “Rather than the opportunities in this sector, the mere satisfaction of creating something beautiful to adorn homes is what got me started in the first place,” he adds.

What we offer

“Our brand aims to offer furnishings at a competitive price range balancing optimum quality and design at both ends,” he claims. “Starting from the selection of raw materials to the last stroke of wax, throughout we ensure quality and sincere effort for the finest living,” Mojumdar states. In addition, Nadia Furniture also ensures long-term after-sales support for the customers to uphold the brand value and reputation as the core purpose of their ventures. “An important cornerstone of our business is maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and we achieve this through the provision of thorough and customised after-sales services,” he features.

How we differ

“Unlike our contemporaries, we specialise in producing sets of furniture with a central theme where each piece compliments the other and gives a special identity to the room,” he claims. Their variety of customised bedrooms and dining room solutions are definitely on the client’s favourite list, featuring all the good things in one package. In addition, meeting criteria of the corporate clients is another important area of their expertise.

The humane side

Besides enacting business policies, A. Karim Mojumdar also celebrates the spirit of art and craftsmanship through his service to the community. He has been an active member of many different trade associations, charitable organisations and has made meaningful contributions to the country. He also regularly encourages his employees with incentives and allowances to promote greater work satisfaction and patronise rich carpentry. “There is always a niche market for rich carpentry, to keep this industry alive and flourishing, we need to reward the good work,” he reinforces with confidence.

Hitting Milestones

Mojumdar has walked a long way and crossed many milestones with his business acumen and honest demeanour. He has won many national and international awards including ISO 9001-2008, achieve Special prize at Dhaka International Trade Fair 2013-2018; FBCCI General Body Member in the year 2013, and Appreciation Award for stall for Beautification in 9th National Furniture Fair, membership of Bangladesh Furniture Industries Owners Association, Bangladesh Furniture Exporters Association (BFEA) and the list goes on. He aims to explore global export opportunities through his future endeavours and take his passion many more miles ahead.