The biggest stories from the world of football this week

It’s been an eventful week for football filled with emotions and drama. Might sound like a typical but it’s not, it has been a special week and we have highlighted the top 3 events.

Merci Wenger

Arsene Wenger has announced his exit from Arsenal. Regardless of whether you are #WengerIn or #WengerOut, this is truly a sad moment for English football. Wenger is the longest serving manager of the Premier League era with the Frenchman being at the helm for 22 years. Many argue that he has prolonged his stay in Arsenal but Arsene has revolutionised the English game by the introduction of diets, helped revolutionise African football and to this day is the only manager to win the Golden Premier League title. Managers and players alike have all paid their respect and tribute to Le Professeur over social media and anyone who truly loves football will miss his presence at Arsenal. (Plus most of us grew up thinking that Arsene Wenger owned Arsenal for obvious reasons) 

The Premier League won’t be the same without him

Salah wins PFA Player of the Year Award 


Salah becomes the second Muslim player and the seventh Liverpool player to win this award

Race for the Scudetto heats up 

We are in that time of the season where most of the top leagues have already been decided. City have been crowned Premier League Champions, PSG have a 20 points lead over Monaco, Barcelona have secured their 25th La liga title and Bayern.. well they are a Bugatti in a horse race. The Calcio A though is our only source of drama other than the Champions League. In what was a must-win match for Juventus to secure the title against Napoli, a 90th minute header from Kalidou Koulibaly means that Napoli are back in the title race. The light blues are a point behind Juventus with the league leaders set to play rival Inter Milan next. Can Napoli secure their first Scudetto since the days of Maradona? 

The Senegalese’s last minute winner brought hope in Naples while breaking Turin hearts