RJ Tazz brings her A game to Didi No. 1

ZeeBangla’s most watched game show Didi No. 1 aired an episode with the theme of bringing the opposite ends of Bengal together. Representing her hometown Bangladesh was our very own – the vivacious RJ Tazz. Bringing her hilariously contagious energy to the stage – RJ Tazz had the other contestants, namely Kanchana Moitra, Kanyakumari Mukherjee, Roshni Bhattacharya in absolute stiches. Here are some of RJ Tazz’s memorable moments from the show.

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Channeling the wild spirit of the Tasmanian Devil, RJ Tazz knocked out the balloons with a fierce determination, finishing with a solid time of 20 seconds during the first round! Remaining ever graceful and grooving to musical guest Onnesha’s singing in the second round, the high-spirited RJ lead Kanchana Moitra out on the dance floor for a couple of spins.

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However, there is no detracting from the hilarity which commenced during the third round where the contestants had to guess words while wearing a noise cancelling headphone. RJ Tazz brought the house down with her sassy shimmy as she confidently continued to guess incorrectly. Grounded and bursting at the seams with liveliness, RJ Tazz was a stellar contestant and we are proud to lay claim on this fantastic woman.

Source: youtube.com

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