If Blue Whale was deshi, what would the tasks be?

Blue Whale, a combination of two seemingly harmless words that is more dangerous than “biriyani shesh” at the moment. We are all aware of all the heartbreaking events surrounding this epidemic but what if there was a positive approach to fighting Blue Whale? Imagine a Blue Whale game in Bangladeshi context with a list of activities far less pessimistic but equally challenging. A Deshi Blue Whale, would you take part in it? Take a look at the tasks and decide for yourself!

1. Tell your mom you do not want to get married
2. Take a bus ride from Uttara to Jatrabari on a Thursday evening
3. Download Tinder and visibly use it in front of your girlfriend/boyfriend
4. Crash a stranger’s wedding with 9 other friend of yours
5. Knock someone new on Facebook and tell them your darkest secret

Secrets as dark as this one. 

6. Pick a fight with someone from Noakhali in the Noakhali dialect
7. Ask one of the regular attendees at the nearest cha er tong, out on a date
8. Post a status on facebook on how Game of Thrones sucks
9. Write an anonymous love letter to the professor you have been crushing on
10. Download snapchat on your parents’ phones and add them

When your mom adds you on Snapchat

11. Go to KFC and ask for daal and porota
12. Hug a person you absolutely hate and tell them they are awesome
13. Spend a day without your phone
14. Call Takeout and ask them for Takeout 2.0’s phone number (or vice versa!)
15. Finish the three Lord of the Rings books in 10 hours

Do you dare to do it? 

16. Tell the biggest guy in your gym that you can beat him in arm wrestling.
17. Text the lyrics of “Akhiyo se goli mare” to a stranger
18. Go to Nilket and shop without bargaining
19. Enter any random restaurant or Café and dance like Ilias Kanchon
20. Dress up as Hero Alom for Halloween

Will be tough to match his style!

21. Get into a CNG and ask the driver to take you to Sylhet
22. Ask your waiter to join you for a meal
23. Prank call your boss at midnight… from your own phone
24. Tell that neighbor bhabi of yours that you do not like her kids
25. Change your Facebook relationship status to “In a relationship with…myself”

Because that’s the way to be!