Are you on the road stuck in the endless traffic? Here are 7 things you can do to keep yourself sane in these boring hours:

1. Phone a friend

Dial up!

Call up a friend you have not seen in a while. Spark up a conversation about anything and everything. Dhaka traffic is a great way to reconnect with old friends.

2. Think of new memes

Do you have a pen though?

Bring out the notepad in your bag and sketch ideas for memes. Sharpen your sense of humor. Knock someone who can Photoshop and gives life to your ideas.

3. Go through message requests

A friend is just a request away!

This is the section on Facebook we never have the time to check. Look up the profiles of the people who have expressed their desire of “making friendship” with you in your Facebook Inbox. This is a good way to laugh while you’re stuck in the depressing traffic.

4. Take artistic photos

Be creative.

Look around. It can be your hand against the window, or someone discretely picking their nose in the bus. Capture these moments and put them up on Instagram with a deep quote.

5. Dwell on your personal failures

“What am I doing with my life?”

Did you have to get that dessert after the overwhelming meal you had last night? How would things turn out if you let your crush know about your undying love for him/her? Reflect and sigh. Dhaka traffic gives you enough time to contemplate on life.

6. Learn a song

Opt for a German song. 

Play a song in a language you do not know and try to memorize it. The good thing is you can sing that later at rooftop hangouts and impress your friends. Plus songs can calm you down.

7. Clean out your bag

Is “Clutter” your middle name?

Why do you still have the gum wrapper from last year? Cleaning your bag out may also lead to pleasant discoveries like a 100 taka note in one of the pockets within bigger pockets. And what better way to be active when you are sitting in your vehicle behind a never-ending array of cars.

Feature Image Credit: Traffic Alert