Over the years, we have witnessed celebs walking in at the Emmy’s wearing outfits which have made us go gaga. On the other hand, celebrities have also made horrible mistakes which have sentenced them to a lifetime at ‘Prison for Fashion Disastors’ by The Court of Fashion. But tonight, we are celebrating all those glorious names who graced the red carpet with their presence and jaw-dropping ensembles.

Caleb McLaughlin

The Stranger Things star has been on a streak, far longer than my Snapchat streak, of being brilliantly dressed on every single red carpet appearance he made. The shawl lapelled jacket stood out brilliantly, with that chic purple brocade as Caleb sported  a Garçon Couture jacket

Caleb stood a class apart as he donned this stunning jacket by Garçon Couture

Donald Glover

It’s a rare site to see someone taking the time to actually hem his trousers which Donald did as he rocked the Emmy’s in his purple Tux and a very smartly placed yellow pocket square peaking out to give the right bit of contrast to his bold outfit.

Donald Glover paid immense attention to how his Tux fit him. Not only was his speech lit, his outfit was too

Matthew Rhys

The Americans star wore a black Tux to the Emmy’s. A black Tuxedo; need I say more?

Classic yet dapper 

Jeremy Maguire

Forget the brand, forget that oh so finely tailored Tuxedo. This boy is simply a bundle of happiness, come here you!

Up, up and away you go, Flying Tux

After last year’s vigorous raid by the Fashion Police, celebrities this year took a safe stance as there were very few warrants issued. However, there always ought to be some highflyers in the group; some passed with shining colours while others were put on trial. Nevertheless, whether they dress right or wrong, we will forever love our stars.

Ali Sakhi

Ali Sakhi Khan is a contributing writer at ICE Today. When he is not writing, he is cracking lame jokes with hopes of making people laugh