When it’s raining cats and dogs, these 4 items will come as your saving grace during the downpour

The weather in Dhaka city lately is like a game of tug of war between rainfall and sunshine. Forecasts predict continuous rainfall over the coming days with some even fearing a massive flood. As beautiful and poetic rainfall is, it has its downsides. For instance all of the inconvenience it causes to us while we’re commuting to work or class. So, here are 4 nifty items to help you protect yourself and your valuable belongings during rainfall.


Source: daraz.com

The traditional protection, rainfall’s mortal enemy and a must have for any individual. Although it can be inconvenient to carry from time to time but there is no doubt that umbrellas can help protect you from getting drenched in the rain. You will be able to find some pretty neat umbrellas in daraz.com starting from Tk 250.


Source: daraz.com

This wearable item does the work of an umbrella without you having to constantly carry one. However, it can only keep one person dry at a time. There is a wide variety available in daraz.com for people of all ages from Tk 800.

Waterproof phone case

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Although most phones have water resistant screens these days, it is better to not take any chances. The USAMS waterproof case which is available in bagdoom.com will do just that. Hurry there is a 14% off on this item!


Shoe Cover

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Our shoes often fall prey to the rain and we wish there was something to protect them. Well, worry not bagdoom offers you just the thing. The waterproof shoe cover is just the thing to help keep your shoes unharmed by the rain.

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