Taking a little hiatus from a social life isn’t all that bad; here are 5 reasons that’ll tell you why

Socializing is super fun no doubt about that; but once in a while we need to unwind from the cycle of conversations, hangouts and social media interactions. As underrated as it is, a little ‘me time’ never hurt anybody.  In fact, we need it more than we think we do! Here are 5 legit reasons why you’re in dire need of an alone time

Self analysis

Life happens so fast and you get so caught up in its events that you hardly get time to figure out who you actually are. Spending time alone allows you to analyse yourself.

You are bound to find a surprise or two down that road


The more time you spend alone, the more you realize what your strengths and capabilities are, the more independent you become.

You are enough for yourself

A little less drama

The more people you surround yourself with, the more drama you are subjected to. Whether it’s big or small, it can sometimes lead to unnecessary stress. Spending time alone allows you to relieve some of that stress.


We all crave for some drama-free time.

You save money

Being alone is obviously more cost efficient than hanging out with others. Socializing can be costly sometimes.

You’ll become a financial wizard just like that

Come to terms

We are born alone, we die alone and everything else is just an illusion. Wow, that was heavy, here’s a photo of a kitty to lighten the mood…

Cute Kitty

…In all seriousness though, spending alone time makes the idea of being alone more comfortable. You become more comfortable in your own skin. You learn to love yourself.

Would you look at that? The Rock loving a rock.