Dressing up is an art; every little detail that goes into the process  shows your exquisite taste in fashion; but sometimes when the mind gets a bit experimental with colours, prints and accessories, things can go awry! Having said that, here are 5 things to avoid when you’re dolling up.


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Floral prints look cute, so do the ones with little anchors on them…ooh polka-dots! Stop right there! While prints add character to your outfit, they lose that charm when you go overboard with them.

It’s a match

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Not only is it boring, but wearing one-colour for everything is close to wearing a uniform. There’s a reason why it’s called ‘fashion,’ cause you’ve got a heck of a lot of options to choose from! Go nuts!


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It’s okay to pair up long shirts with leggings; dresses, not so much. The whole point of wearing a dress is to show-off those gorgeous legs, even if it means showing your ankles. Why you gotta deprive them babies of that privilege?    

Massive jewellery

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When you wear a gigantic pair of glitzy earrings along with a shiny necklace, you’re not really making a statement; it’s more of a paragraph. Bring the shine down to a minimum; try a pair of stud or hoops if you may. Less really is more!


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When you’re walking on the pavements or running through uneven roads in heels, don’t bet on pulling off the twinkle-toes like Penelope Pitstop. You can either prep yourself for a fracture or do the smart thing by investing in flats and flip-flops.

Rubab Nayeem Khan

Rubab Nayeem Khan is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. She thoroughly enjoys drawing, and being the in-house grammar nazi.