Make your adventures memorable with TripZip

For that much needed getaway, TripZip tours provides young travellers exciting travel options

Although women going on solo trips are a relatively new idea in Bangladesh, there are many who have not just visited to places far and near, but also embarked on journeys that go beyond their comfort zone. For those of you ladies who are yet to book the tickets for that much needed getaway, TripZip has some exciting options just for you!
TripZip is a social enterprise that has been established with the mission to make travelling easier, convenient, and more accessible to the youth, with special focus on children, women, and disadvantaged groups.

The core value of this firm lies in the sense that the true essence of a free spirited soul is born not out of comfort and convenience, but out of exploration and an eye for novelty. That is why, their single mission involves making the most exciting experiences, activities, adventures, and tours more available to the groups for whom travelling and exploring has not been always easy owing to various socioeconomic constraints allowing them to explore beautiful Bangladesh and fulfil their dreams.
TripZip is the perfect platform for anyone who wants to share their experiences, reviews, and photos of their visit to destinations. This initiative contributes in providing a credible travelling landscape for young travellers. The website has one dedicated section for blog posts that also comes up with the scope to search for posts related to any tourist spot or dining place, facilities, and specialties and plan their travelling accordingly. Their holistic approach towards the tourism industry and the travellers/potential travellers not only include the tourist destinations of the country but also the regions that have never been acknowledged before as travel destinations. Working with local guides, people, and culture has given TripZip the ability to take that approach and empower local communities through tourism. Hence, TripZip aims to connect, enable and empower youth and special groups at all ends of the tourism industry.
Last year, TripZip in collaboration with Tourism Board organised a social media based photo sharing event titled, ‘Photo Sharing & Review Contest’ for the women travellers in Bangladesh from 7-15 March last year. Rashed Khan Menon, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism were present at the closing ceremony. This year, BTB and TripZip have again come up with the enthralling campaign which will take place during 3-17 March. The advisory panel includes Tasmima Hossain, Acting Editor of Daily Ittefaq, and Editor of magazine Anannya and Monowara Hakim Ali, President, Chittagong Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The components of this campaign – selfie contest, video share, focus group discussion, seminars etc. altogether will serve the purpose of creating and promoting a ‘Women Travellers’ Network’ which intends to bring together female tourists, media personnel, businessmen, industry experts, and students in one place to stimulate the wanderlust of other potential women travellers in future.
TripZip particularly emphasises the need for women travellers. Women face countless problems when travelling by themselves, so TripZip took that into account and organised this program so that it would help and contribute to the women travellers’ community in Bangladesh.
So if you’re still contemplating making that trip, TripZip’s Facebook page is just a click away. For more information, find them at