Considered to be spring colours these cotton candy hues from Artisti are rocking the mens’ wardrobe. Pastels have that undeniable knack to fuse with any skin tone and bring out that soft edge to your look.

With Saturated Colours

Pastels look great when they are mixed with highly saturated colours. For example, pale pink would go well with a highly saturated blue. You could also try chalky blue with chocolate brown or pastel pink with bright red.


With Other Pastels

Wearing two or more chalky colours at the same time will result in a warm and relaxed look. Some warm colours blend well with cooler tones, such as orange and green or blue and yellow. Similalry, colours that lie close together on the spectrum, such as red and pink or blue and green, match well together.

With A Neutral

There are a series of colours that fall under the neutral spectrum. Grey, beige, khaki, tan and ivory are some of them. Instead of wearing an all-neutral outfit, change an item of clothing with a pastel one. Pastels look best during daytime. But if you are gutsy, you could go for these neutrals at night as well. The monotony of greys and browns can be broken with sorbet colours.

Photos: Riyad Ashraf – Studio Black
Models: Azim & Zaib
Makeup & hair: Farzana Shakil’s
Wardrobe: Artisti