Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury gets up close and personal with the beautiful Moushumi

Moushumi, one of the most famous faces of the Bangladeshi industry, is as breathtaking in reality as she is on screen. We sit back and chat about movies, her daily routine and how she spends the Bengali New Year.
She expresses that she loves how the Bengalis come together and celebrate this day. “The unity that is present in Bengalis during this occasion appeals to me the most.”
When I was young, celebrating Boishakh was very different from how we celebrate it now. We used to dress up in saris, go to the Batamul early in the morning and eat a hearty meal of bhortas with plain rice in the afternoon. The spirit was of simplicity, warmth and togetherness. This time, I will probably attend a cultural show in the evening.

With hectic work schedules, how does the celebrity spend a regular day?

I love to wake up early and exercise. Once I am done, I drop my daughter off to school, return back home and finish off some household errands. I may be a celebrity, but my life is no different from other moms.
In the afternoons, I have some time to myself. I read books, write, watch movies or paint. Also, I love interior designing. Sometimes, I sit back and think of various ways to revamp my house.
In the evenings I spend time with my husband and children. We don’t usually attend parties unless it is absolutely necessary for us to do so. When we do go, we try to take our children with us.

With the media showcasing different ideologies about beauty, what does true beauty mean to you?

This might sound slightly boring but real beauty comes from within you. No amount of makeup or physical care can make you beautiful until and unless you have a pure heart. If you have a beautiful heart, the goodness will certainly reflect on your face. So my advice is to take care of the heart before taking care of the physical aspect of one’s being.

Celebrities are always donning the latest outfits, what rocks Moushumi’s wardrobe?
I love wearing saris, especially Tangail, Jamdani and Chiffon. l eagerly wait to dress myself in saris as I feel Bengali women look best in them.

One makeup item you absolutely can’t do without?
Although I prefer minimal makeup, I believe that women look incomplete without kajol. I always tell my friends that they can go out without wearing lipstick, but they should definitely wear some kajol.

What keeps you busy at home?
I like selecting and designing clothes for The Levis, a clothing line which my husband looks after. I enjoy interior designing and love decking up my house. I plan to decorate my new house with sketches done by renowned artists and get furniture in the classic shades of black and white.

What are your top initiatives at the moment with the Moushumi Welfare Foundation?
I wish to carry on progressive work with the foundation, targeting women and children. I want to train the women of our country. The more efficient their skills are, the more financially independent they will be, even if they are working from home. My concept is to train them from within their homes and show them how to make ends meet. I plan on working on subjects like artwork, cooking, catering, handiwork etc. Being made an ambassador for UNICEF, I am thankful to see people’s faith on my initiatives and plans, and I hope to work towards children’s education and future.

What are you currently working on?
Acting is an addiction for me. If I am not acting then I am busy directing. Directing movies is very challenging and adventurous and I love taking on new challenges. I have directed the film “Shundor Hridoy” which shall be released this year. It stars Ferdous, a new comer Asif Noor and me. I am very eager and positive about this movie. Now, let’s see how my fans enjoy it.

A message for your fans?
Never hurt anyone intentionally. Try to be a good human being first before being anything else.