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An epitome of grace, Sharmin Lucky looks lovely in these exotic new creations from Ecstasy

An exuberant personality and a flawless presenter, Sharmin Lucky exudes a great deal of euphoria and warmth. Sharmin feels that beauty is associated with anyone who shows love and admiration towards their surroundings. “When someone becomes a part of nature and starts appreciating things like trees, birds and animals, they instantly become beautiful. You can indeed take physical beauty into account too; however, the value of someone’s beauty can truly be measured from their behavior.”


Sara Zaker wows us with these stunning new threads from Plaire

An epitome of grace and confidence, Sara Zaker is one of those evergreen beauties who is neither shackled by time nor age. To her beauty is a balance between one’s spiritual purity and physical features. “One maybe blessed with green eyes or silky hair, features are that considered beautiful. But if they choose to alter their natural features by going under the knife, that doesn’t signify beauty in anyway,” she addresses.