Thyrocare, the first automated laboratory operating out of a single centralized setup in Bangladesh established in April 2014, was first initiated by Dr. A Velumani. He left his job in the late 80s working for the Government and started making reagents by himself. While he was creating his own reagent, Times of India noticed his noble initiative and provided him with the initial seed funds.

Reaz Islam, Director and Chairman of Thyrocare Bangladesh Ltd

Explaining Dr. A Velumani’s passion for the project, Reaz Islam added that “With his prior knowledge and extensive experience, Dr. Velumani started a low-cost blood testing service targeting less privileged individuals in the community. He knew something was needed to be done to initiate this project, so he started small.”
His concept and the cause gained huge popularity within a very short span of time. His ideas even attracted well-known brands that were interested to tie up with his innovation. Soon after this, Dr. Velumani partnered with Siemens Healthcare in India and established a lab in Navi Mumbai, bringing his passion and the unique concept into a reality. The partnership helped him scale up his business.

At present, Thyrocare India is listed in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) worth at least USD500M. After Dr. Velumaní’s successful operation in India and Bahrain, he decided to expand Thyrocare in Bangladesh by partnering up with few institutional investors including LR Global. As a result, the commercial journey of Thyrocare Bangladesh started in 2014 with the implementation of the first digitized lab in Bangladesh. Dr. Velumani directly supervised every step of the development of the World Class Lab in Bangladesh.
Reaz Islam believes, through their network which includes laboratories, hospitals, doctors and organizations, they are serving millions of people in Bangladesh. Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited focuses on providing quality services at affordable costs to doctors, clinics, laboratories, and hospitals in Bangladesh. Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited operates with a unique centralized laboratory model that focuses on strong technologies, strong brands and strong systems that enable all laboratories to give their clients the best of science and technology at affordable costs.
With time, Thyrocare became popular among the customers of Bangladesh and currently they have over 10,000+ customer base and people are really happy about the quality of services they provide; as Thyrocare is the only College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited lab which is the gold standard. This is just the beginning for Thyrocare and they are hopeful that Thyrocare will soon lead the healthcare sector of Bangladesh similar to India. Their services can be availed through their network of 500+ B2B clients all over the country.

A system created with great detail, well-chosen and trained manpower, and wise selection of the best global technologies for specialized testing, Thyrocare is looked upon as a yardstick for quality by stakeholders in the diagnostic industry now. The uniqueness and world-class quality of Thyrocare Bangladesh limited is its effort to innovate and remain at par with the global standards for best of the quality service delivery, at a highly cost-effective price.
In a challenging situation in Bangladesh where even the privileged people can’t get the quality diagnostic tests, Reaz Islam feels Thyrocare Bangladesh sure is the light at the end of the tunnel that all of us were looking for.

Take Care with Thyrocare

Maisha Tarannum Iqbal talks with the Director and Chairman of Thyrocare Bangladesh Ltd, Reaz Islam and takes you through the journey of Thyrocare, the biggest automated laboratory in Bangladesh.

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