The Biryani Story

Aidha Cader examines the subtle complexity in different types of our favourite festive dish

Glam up your home

Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury looks into innovative ways of creating a drastic change this Eid without having to burn a hole in the pocket

A Neat Job

Drowning in endless preparations for Eid? Nahid Tabassum makes a checklist before the festivities come knocking at your door

Just the Right Balance

Humayra Rahman Mitul is in awe to find Zara Mahbub juggling work and family life like a pro    Most of us have started preparing for Ramadan in full swing given that it’s already knocking on our doors.While household work...

Cover Focus

ICE Glamour

Eid Fiesta

by - July 2, 2015

This month ICE Today presents a grand catalogue of attires that are bound to leave...

ICE Must Knows

Memories Remain

by - July 1, 2015

Aidha Cader shares her photos to honour Nepal

ICE Your Space

Cibo è Vita

by - July 1, 2015

Ashfaque Zaman relishes a taste of authentic Italian


Tamzidur Rahman gives some tips on reinventing yourself and planting trees indoors

by - January 1, 2015


ICE Invents gives travel tips for different cultures, the importance of discovery and making the most of your trip

by - December 1, 2014

The Big Day

Aidha Cader looks into what needs to be done before you call in the celebrations

by - November 1, 2014


Aidha Cader discusses the cause for celebrations and more

by - October 1, 2014

The Road to Success

Fatima Faheem and Humayra Rahman Mitul are in conversation with Tahmid Jamal Diaz, as he discusses his musical journey

by - July 1, 2015

Let’s Hit It

Fuad al Muqtadir finally published his recent album Hit Factory under a new record label. Mahfuz Mizan unravels the dramatic transition...

by - June 15, 2015

For the love of Words

Humayra Rahman Mitul learns about a lyricist’s journey in the music industry

by - May 1, 2015

Radio Rockstars

Tamzidur Rahman takes a sneak peak inside ABC Radio

by - April 1, 2015

The Global Suhoor Treat

Aidha Cader explores the pre-dawn meal served around the world

by - June 16, 2015

The Mighty Leaf

Aidha Cader looks into the history and diversity of the humble cup of tea

by - May 2, 2015

Celebrating Food

Aidha Cader visits celebrity chef Nahid Osman as she cooks up a fantastic feast

by - April 1, 2015

Cooking Up A Storm

With a pinch of this and a dash of that, people who know how to brew magic in a pot find...

by - March 1, 2015

The Comic Impact

Graphic novels or comic books, whatever you choose to call them, have come a long way since the days when they...

by - July 1, 2015

Bring It On!

Naveed Islam looks at some of the most anticipated game releases 2015 has to offer

by - May 1, 2015

The Age of Miracles

Naveed Islam is here with your definitive guide to this summer’s biggest movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron

by - April 1, 2015

Fight Like a Girl

Naveed Islam looks at the changing perceptions of women in the entertainment industry

by - March 1, 2015