A peek into Niharika Momtaz’s jewel encrusted world

The mind and the talent behind the brand 1972 gave us a little insight on her most recent trunk show in Dhaka, displaying yet another magnificent collection. Niharika brings a refreshing take in the world of accessories leaving a lasting image for those who want to usher in glamour in the most sophisticated way possible.

“My designs are more colour centric, any historical place, art or character inspires me. British museum jewelry inspired me a lot and I will have a collection on it very soon. My creations blend art, design and fashion. I have always been intrigued by the brave mixing of the coloured gemstones”

Given that your recent trunk show took place in Dhaka, how well was the reception? How do they compare to your London and Dubai consumers?

Dhaka is my home, and you can’t help but enjoy home ground advantage. Here, I knew the audience, their taste and exact expectations. The show was hence well received in Dhaka. In Dubai and London, I am trying to reach out and create a new market. It will take some time and effort to build a loyal customer base there. 1972 products were already showcased in a very well renowned Iranian Diamond & Gold Jewellery shop in Dubai Called Mozaffarian.


Niharika Momtaz showcasing her talent in her recent trunk show in Dhaka

In your line of work, it’s always beautiful to share your creativity, no matter the city. Where is the next destination for your jewellery?

I have some plans to showcase my product in Milan or Berlin soon. I want to make my jewellery more accessible to the masses at the same time maintain my exclusivity. I have already offered my collection to movies and to jointly show it with other products.

What’s your definition of success?

Success for me is a journey and not a destination. I feel successful as more people embrace my collection. I feel successful when I see my product is bringing a change in the taste and the way people think about jewelry. It’s surprising, and at the same time heartwarming to see at least a few women are donning my creations whenever I attend a wedding or even a high tea. So far, we made 47 bridal jewelleries in gold or in silver or with other metals.

Gold jewelleries has long been used to celebrate marriage and child birth or presented as gifts during festivals. But change is in the air, partly as a result of shifting societal norms and the expansion of women’s roles in the work place, as well as the rising price of gold. More women are earning their own money and spending it on themselves. A few decades ago, the primary jewellery buyer used to be men, might have been a husband or father. Whereas now, it’s mostly women buying jewellery for themselves, without waiting for an occasion. It’s purely for their own joy and satisfaction. I think it’s our collective success. Men, on the other hand, have always bought cuff links and bow ties. But in the recent times, they come in looking for bracelets, brooches, necklaces etc.

Niharika’s creativity transcends beyond the norms of society and conventions

What is the most difficult part of the process in your line of work? And what is the easiest?

I have to face social and business related issues every other day. I had to educate and train the karigar myself. Inventing and reinventing things so not to become stagnant, and also coming up with innovative designs are the crucial challenges. However, the easiest part is to take a bow at the end of the show.

There are many things in the wardrobe, from seasonal essentials to standout accessories. What are three pieces from your personal jewellery collection that you can never let go of?

The three essential things for me are my bangles, brooch or necklace and ring. I cannot leave home without these essentials. It’s not that I wear the same piece every day, but it is the different permutations and combinations that I try to match with my dress and colours; thus, define my own style. I don’t believe there are rules when it comes to an individual sense of style. People should express themselves however they wish to even when it comes to wearing jewellery.


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