Secret Recipe’s mouth-watering menu is a love story waiting to be unfold

Secret Recipe, the largest Malaysian Café Chain is the hub of Malaysian culinary masterpieces that blends taste and quality brilliantly. A cozy ambiance, scrumptious food, refreshing taste and prompt service ensures a superior culinary experience for the gastronomes. Needless to say, their culinary masterpieces will have you coming back for more.

Noodle in Tom Yum Kong (Tk445++)

Noodle in Tom Yum Kong

The combination of flat rice noodles, spicy tom yum soup and king prawns are a zesty addition to the menu. This beautifully garnished dish is a wholesome bowl of goodness that meets your spice craving and suits your piquant appetite. The balance of herbs in the soup, the authentic flat rice noodles and the juicy meat inside the crispy shell of king prawn is a classic Asian adaptation laid neatly to your table.

Norwegian Salmon Steak (Tk 995++)

Norwegian Salmon Steak

Norwegian Salmon Steak is a premium dish of the secret cookbook. This mildly seasoned Dory Fillet is topped with cheese and served with mashed potatoes, fresh beans with lemon plum dressing by the side. The fruity smell and the tangy taste of the dressing adds an edge to the gently herbed Dory fillet. Lastly, the crisp beans and the mashed potatoes complete the dish for a fine gastronomic experience.

Grilled Mushroom Chicken (Tk445++)

Grilled Mushroom Chicken

The maestros at Secret Recipe add their unique twist to this renowned favourite. The heart of the dish is the juicy smoky chicken layered with rich mushroom dressing. The aromatic rice bonds sweetly with the dish and adds to its flavour. The garden fresh earthy salad compliments the duo and completes the culinary combo.

Lamb Shank (Tk695++)

Lamb Shank

Another Premium addition to the menu is an absolute crowd pleaser. The tender shank is flavoured with South Asian goodness of herbs and spices and paired with golden-pan fried parathas. The mouth-watering tender shank is graced with a perfectly balanced curry and sprinkled with herbs that suit our Asian palates just right.

Secret Recipe
Road 10/A
House: 54
Dhanmondi, Dhaka