A place for healing in a hectic city

Zahida Ispahani, Dr. Shalin & Lady Sarwat Abed

Natasha Rahman takes a tour if the Ayurveda Research and Health Centre and learns about the age-old healing practices.

In the chaotic and busy lives that we have created for ourselves, there is no time to take a moment; your breakfasts come in the forms of wolfing down sandwiches as you rush to the car and your sleep cycle is dependent on six alarms hitting snooze till the last minute. With so much to do and so little time, we often ignore our body- the source of all this power. We ignore the signals it sends us and because we are racing against the clock and always looking for “quick fixes,”- western medicine becomes our calling.

On the other hand, Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest medical system- dating back to as old as over 5000 years ago, has a timeless wisdom which says that everyone’s body constitution is unique to their own and what may work for a person may not be the same for others. Dr. Shalin Bharti an Indian Ayurveda Practitioner, COO at the Ayurveda Research and Health Centre (ARHC), Banani shares this thought. “The difference between other medical science and Ayurveda is that other science will dictate you with the “eat this, not that” approach, whereas Ayurveda is based on testified knowledge so it will give you a holistic perspective to life. For example, it won’t only tell you what to eat but will show you ways to grow food and store it in your own home. “In fact, we have a continuous supply of fresh vegetables for our clients. If we suggest a certain diet, we ensure that the supplies that are needed to complete the diet successfully are provided to them,” starts off Lady Sarwat Abed, founding partner at ARHC.

Ayurveda Research and Health Centre

The centre not only manages illnesses such as mental disorders, paralysis, nausea, and stress but it tries to instil the desire to live healthy even after you walk out the door. “It is a complete lifestyle change that we want people to grow into,” comments Dr. Bharti. “Some patients have come in, paralysed from the hip below, and after months of researched treatments using only herbal medicines and Kerala Panchakarma, they were able to walk again,” he smiles thankfully.

It takes magicians years to master one trick before displaying it to the world. Similarly, change cannot take place in a day either. “Anything processed cannot be good for you. So sugar substitutes, which are all the rage on the Internet now, such as stevia, does more harm than good but that doesn’t mean you, cannot enjoy sweets. There are natural substitutes such as maple syrup and honey that you can use instead,” informs Zahida Ispahani, founding partner at the centre.

The centre not only manages illnesses such as mental disorders, paralysis, nausea, and stress but it tries to instil the desire to live healthy even after you walk out the door.

But how does the youth tie it all in? With junk food cafes mushrooming in every corner of the city, taking care of your body and feeding it well become difficult. Lady Sarwat feels that the superheroes of the world, our mothers- can play an integral part in bringing about that change. “We will soon start cooking classes so that they can learn how to prepare foods that will nourish as well as satiate the body without boring the children.”

Contrary to popular belief, charity starts from within first, then at home and further to society. “If you have the time to go for your daily obliterations then why would you not have time for the wellness of your body and mind?” asks Dr. Bharti.

“Treatments such as the vomiting therapy, nasal therapy, and loose motion therapy are done in our centre. This year we are going to introduce colon hydrotherapy soon,” shares Dr. Bharti.

From the sound of it, it might throw you off the hook, but these treatments are way more than meet the eye. “When you get sick and throw up, you feel weak and dehydrated, but with our Panchakarma therapy you will relieve yourself ten times a day and still feel fresh as ever.”

From a distance, Ayurveda seems like an ancient cumbersome process that can only be served to you on a silver platter; like a luxury item. When in reality, it is all about making small changes to enhance the quality of your everyday life. For instance, the centre offers yoga classes too without which the Ayurveda way of life is incomplete.

Last but not least, with the on going bridal season, ARHC’s beauty treatments are the best services brides can avail. Using only real fruit packs, freshly grown herbs and organic milk, be assured that you are bound to get the natural glow.

For more information on their services, you can find the details on their Facebook page, Ayurveda Research &Health Centre or can contact them at +8801550028495 and +88 01550028496.

Photographs by Rafi Azim

Natasha Rahman

Natasha Rahman is the Assistant Editor of ICE Today. She enjoys the little pleasures of life, such as food and aerobics.