We wish Sophia, the humanoid robot, gave her outfit a second thought

By now we all know about Sophia, the humanoid robot, from Hanson Robotics is here!
Creating quite a buzz, she is attending the country’s biggest ICT event, Digital World Exposition today.  And there is a lot of hoopla on what she will be wearing to that event…

While we celebrate her arrival, some of us can’t help but notice that the yellow jamdani kameez is a terribly ill fit on Sophia, especially when there are so many brands and outfits that she could’ve better represented. Also given she is an AI and not a mannequin, we wished her outfit exuded some thought and contemplation.

We have handpicked what she could wear instead…

Cashmillon shirt from Aarong

You can’t go wrong with Aarong’s signature cotton shirt. Not only would she carry it off well, it certainly would flatter her way more than the yellow kameez, that made her look more like a mannequin than an AI. The slit sleeves are hip and would definitely be heaps better in fit as well.


A deshi cotton saree from Tangail Sharee Kutir

Keeping comfort and elegance in mind, we see Sophia rocking a deshi blue cotton saree from TSK. Just imagine, her walking on stage interacting with the audience wearing thisbeautiful blue saree. Imagine everyone’s delight!


A long gown from Sciccoso

If they wanted to take the contemporary route, then a maxi dress from Sciccoso is the way to go! Zippers are all the rage now, and this simple black dress with a front zipper would do justice to Sofia’s intelligent demeanour.


A kameez from Ecstasy

This bright and sunny kameez from Sciccoso would have made Sophia look warm and bright, and we love the strategic white stitch work.


Contemporary formals from Urban Truth

Since it is a conference, Sophia would look the part of a professional in this semi-formal powder pink top with ruffle sleeves, and wide leg pants. It’s perfect for a professional setting, while the sleeves add the perfect amount of chic to the outfit.

Urban Truth

PS- We don’t think she needs an orna!

Subah Ali

Subah Ali is a 19 year old who dreams of becoming a crazy dog lady, but for now is a professional procrastinator.