Do you want to transform your balcony into a mini sanctuary?

Beat the pollution by creating your own little greenhouse at home. It will not only supply your house with an ample amount of oxygen but also add a pop of colour to your world. Wake up to the refreshing fragrance of these 10 potted wonders:


These bright flowers are perfect for growing in your balcony. They require low maintenance and also function as pest control. They can withstand hot summers and can typically grow in any soil and containers.


From being memorialised in books to adorning your balcony – this brand of flowers are universally grown for their variety and inexhaustible beauty. These plants need 6-5 hours of exposure in an environment with air circulation and preferably well-drained sandy soil.


Heliotropes are known for their intoxicating fragrance. Create an inviting ambience in your balcony by growing this gorgeous bushy plant. All they need is a pot with regular soil and you’ll need to water them from time to time. A heliotrope’s pretty petals is prone to withstanding heat.


These babies will need some doting on. They require frequent watering and if tended properly will create a pleasing smorgasbord of captivating colours. They love the sunlight, and can be grown in any container given that it has regular fertilised soil.


These are better known as Daisies. If you want a plant with some personality, look no further. Gazania’s pretty petals open up to the sun, and with the sunset they fold close. These darlings are adaptable to any container, and only need regular fertilised soil to bloom.


Lantanas are known for their charming fragrance. Be aware though, their sweet scent tends to attract butterflies and bees. Offering you a wide range of colours, these scented critter magnets are worth the occasional shooing. Lantanas manage well in any and all containers. Needing sheering and pruning occasionally, they need regular fertilised soil in order to blossom and grow.


For west-facing balconies, Impatiens is a good option. They thrive well in the shade and love moisture. Impatiens need moist fertilised soil and a pot which allows drainage.


This serrated-leaved beauty comes in a multitude of colours and varieties. Adorn your balcony space with these bushy blossoming eye-candy. They grow well in potted environments and blossom in moist regular fertilised soil.

Morning Glory

Change up your choices by opting for the fast-growing vine that is Morning Glory. This plant only requires  constant watering. They are a sleepy bunch – the flowers blossoming open only to greet the morning sun. Since they are vines, start them off in pots with regular fertiliser and then let them coil around the grills of your balcony.


Here we have the champions of plants for balconies. Easy to grow, and offering an eclectic range of variety, Petunias are the winners for home-grown plants. They require only three things- a lot of sun, frequent watering and ample fertilisation.

Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed

Marjiya Ahmed is a literature student whose world is incomplete without music. Besides for listening to her favourite tracks, she fancies poetry.