Here are five countries that are practically right next door to Bangladesh. Just book those tickets if you haven’t already!

Planning a trip can be quite challenging; especially when you’re not quite sure if you want to go across the globe or stay a little closer to home. If the latter applies for you, then relax; here are five places that you can easily travel to without having to go way off the grid.


Rich in infrastructure and friendliness, you should visit UAE at least once in your life, especially Dubai. Once you’re at the Burj Khalifa, you get to see the city from the top of the world. And if you’re someone who has always hoped to sleep amongst the fishes, you can book your expensive, to say the least, room in Burj Al Arab. One particular experience that one who visits Dubai must not miss out on, is its infamous Dessert Safari. With under$500, your flight cost can very easily be covered.


Besides for its tantalizing street food, Thailand’s capital Bangkok gives you an incredible experience of night life in the city. There will never be a shortage of blinking neon lights, when you’re exploring what is one of the liveliest places on earth. If you need a taste of the salty sea, take a 2 day trip to KoSamui or Patthaya, where you can go for beach safari, that offers you snorkelling, kayaking, swimming in the clear water, just to name a few. The average flight cost for Thailand is somewhere between $300- $350.


Bali is famous for its beaches and for all the right reasons. It has all the colours, the people, the food, you name it! And the beach isn’t the only thing that makes the place a fantastic destination. If you ever dreamt of seeing an active volcano with your very own eyes, be sure to visit Mount Batur to be awed by what Bali really can offer. For a little bit of appreciation of the infrastructures, take a tour in the capital Jakarta and be mesmerised by the temples and mosques. The average flight cost for a trip to Indonesia is about $400-$500.


Ocean in the sun, in a lonely island is exactly what Maldives offers. While, there isn’t much to see in Male city, the islands are nothing short of adventure. Dive right into watersports like jet skiing to dolphin safari to snorkelling are offered amidst the clearest water one could ever imagine. And if you can, why not take a flight on a seaplane and watch the islands from the sky?  If you’re someone who is willing to spend a little more than usual, be sure to go to Vaadoo Island to walk in glowing sand. An average of $600 should comfortably get you to Maldives.


They say Vietnamese foods are absolute must-haves. What would really captivate you though are the sights to see. In which case, Ha Long Bay is a must-see for its islands filled with rainforests. The infamous 7 story Buddhist temple and Pagoda of the Celestial Lady are structures for every tourist to familiarize themselves with. Visiting the PhongNha-KèBàng National park on the other hand will give you the perfect taste of waterfalls that you crave. An average of $500-$550 should be enough to cover your flight.

Arshae Ahmed

Arshae Ahmed is a contributing writer at ICE Today whose love for travelling and food knows no bounds.