We can’t get enough of Virat and Anushka’s wedding photos

Finally, after all the speculations Virat and Anushka have tied the knot. In a beautiful ceremony at Tuscany, Italy the couple looks like they are having a blast. Their wedding photos are doing the rounds and we think cupid is upto no good spreading its wings of love and casting a spell on us mere mortals!

Here are 5 photos from the wedding that is making us go weak in the knees


Anushka saying goodbye to Ranbir for good? #aedilhainmushkil

If the “Ja Simran Ja” moment had to be re-enacted it would look like this- Anushka’s contagious smile as Virat walks her to a new beginning.


Virat is probably thinking “I am never letting this goddess go.”

Looking majestic as ever in their ivory and gold Sabyasachi outfits, Virushka looked like they stepped out of another Manyavar Ad. But this time, to actually seal the deal!


When they are twinning in both their outfits and expressions

When was the last time you saw a couple this happy at a wedding? Virat and Anushka have always been fiercely supportive yet private about their relationship – but today, the smiles just won’t stop.


The world ceases to exist when these two smile at each other

Really, is this union even for real?

Hold still


From now till forever

Thanks Virushka for making us feel like we were there with you.