6 things you must know to look after your pet bird

Having a pet bird is no child’s play; imagine being in a relationship, but with a two legged flying creature. Perseverance, patience and love are the three vital ingredients needed to ensure a long and happy time with your beloved birdy! Hold on just a while. Before you put the pedal to the medal and rush to the nearest bird shop, you must go through these criterions we have put together to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting into.


You must do your research and know the average lifetime of the bird you’ll be bringing home. This is crucial because that way you’ll know how long you will have to be committed to looking after them. You can’t bail out half way into having the bird because you think it requires “too much of work.” Remember, consistency is key!


Birds in the wild live in flocks, having plenty of interactions with each other. Well Sherlock, you’ve guessed it right, you must give at least a few hours of attention every day. Failing to do so and you will be put to justice for pushing that innocent creature into the abyss of depression.

Bonus Tip!

Consider buying another bird, that’ll give them both company.

Building their ‘Aashiyana’

Fall back to the internet if you may and look up which house size would be ideal for your bird. You neither want it to be so big that it’ll take up 90% of your room’s space, nor do you want it to be so small that your bird will feel like a contestant of MTV Crunch.

Pedicure and “Beak-i-cure”

Birds living in the wild get their beaks and nail worn out because of the rigorous activities they are involved in. However, when they are brought in as pets, the activities lessen and their beaks end up growing as long as Pinocchio’s. Try clipping the nails and beaks a couple of times a year to ensure the bird’s hygiene and YOUR safety.


As Vidya Balan once said, “All people want is Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment!” And, birds are no different. Give them toys to play with as that will not only will they keep them busy but they will keep them mentally stimulated.

Regular Checkups

Make sure you take your bird to the vet at least once a year. If it falls sick don’t wait a second take it to a vet right away. Birds tend to fall sick quickly.

Follow these and your time with your beloved birdy will be a breeze. You can thank me later.

Ali Sakhi

Ali Sakhi Khan is a contributing writer at ICE Today. When he is not writing, he is cracking lame jokes with hopes of making people laugh