Have your Thai cravings met at Trouvaille

Amongst the hustle of an ever-growing megacity, it’s nice to be able to “get away” without actually travelling a long distance. Tucked into the changing landscapes of Uttara, Trouvaille transports you to a quaint and cosy countryside setting.

Whole Fish with Tamarind Sauce

Stuck on Starters

Begin your meal with one of the restaurants many scrumptious appetizers. From noodle to tacos, they’ve got the likings to create a completely perfect meal from very beginning.

You wont be able to pry the chopsticks away from their Pan-fried Gyoza. These Japanese dumplings are tiny little doughy packets full of a satisfying portion of chicken filling. The sticky soft dough unveils a steamy moist filling of tangy chicken. Pinch your Gyoza and dip it in the chilli sauce for a bite-sized sensation. Keep your chopsticks in hand for their Seafood Salad with Glass Noodles. As you dig into the vibrant reds of the crab and prawn, you’ll find a bed of clear soft glass noodles. There are also generous helping of fish and calamari. These noodles are for the citrus lovers as the notes of zesty lemon enhance the spicy seafood essence of the dish.

Calamari Wrap

Now you’ll have to put your chopsticks down and pick up your spoon for the Seafood Soup with Coconut Milk. Prepare yourself for sheer decadence amongst your quaint table. The bold soup nestles soft caramel onion, a medley of seafood and that signature Thai fiery coconut combination. You are welcomed to the fragrant sweet coconut as you pick up chunks of this multi-layered soup.

Seafood Salad with Glass Noodles

The frontier of your journey will end with your hands wrapped around soft pita bread of the Calamari Wrap. The pita bread can barely hold the generous chunks of crispy battered calamari. Don’t be afraid to get your hands a little messy with the rich garlic mayo dip and tangy salsa. Not only is this a medley of flavours, the crunchy, chewy calamari create the ideal texture with the fluffy bread.

Seafood Soup with Coconut Milk

Craving the Catch

After these small bites, you’ll want to dig into the main hook of Trouvaille, their Whole Fish with Tamarind Sauce. As it comes to your table, your eyes are in for a treat as the generously scattered chilli peppers and coriander dance along the fish. Your mouth will water as your fork and knife create gastronomic harmony you hear the crackle of the fish skin. The crisp skin reveals a steamy juicy fish that has been lavishly drizzled with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce. The sauce itself is the perfect reduction of syrupy gooiness to slop up with your fall of the bonefish.

Nutella cheesecake

Quite the Quencher

Trouvaille also ensure that every sip from your straw counts towards creating the complete experience. Their Apple Iced Tea is a twist on a traditional drink. It blends the wholesome sweetness of fresh apples with the citrusy lemon iced tea. If you’re searching for something a little more tropical, look no further than the Pineapple-Mint smoothie. The notes of mint soothe the ripe sharpness of the pineapple. Their most creative and refreshing drink would have to be the iced Orange Green tea. The zesty, refreshing and fresh oranges create just the right balance with the earthy green tea.

Quite the Quencher

The Nutella Nostalgia

Smearing Nutella on toast or just about everything is all of our guilty pleasure. Trouvaille has taken everyone’s favourite chocolate spread and created a sensational dessert. Your spoon will glide into the lush velvety layer of Nutella cheesecake and just wrestle a bit with the crumbly Oreo crust. The sweetness decadence of the Oreo and Nutella are not overpowering the boldness of the tart cheesecake.

Pan-fried Gyoza

Photographs by Rafi Azim

46, Rabindra Sarani, Dhaka 1230

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