Bangladesh’s first solo art exhibition on Instagram by Shikdar Saikat

Life of an artist mirrors in his art. It is a reflection of his experiences, his soul. And the admirers of art get to take a tour inside the artist’s soul through exhibitions. However, the orthodox way of exhibitions isn’t very fruitful in today’s day and age.

With that said, our life has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Sometimes we miss out on the incredible things in life that we are passionate about because of the hustle and bustle of the city. With the concept of ‘Digital Bangladesh,’ we have started to adapt new ways of experiencing things, mostly virtually. And to keep pace with the digital trend, a new revolution has been made for the art lovers to keep them connected.

A glimpse of the exhibition

For the wonderers of art, Shikdar Saikat, brings to you the first ever online exhibition on Instragram. His art work is the significant symbol of the last man standing against the mediocre practice of art of our time. This is Shikdar’s first solo exhibition with the help of curator Imran Firdaus, who works with the platform in Bangladesh named ‘Prodorshoni’, which is an online abode for art on Instagram, a popular social media platform among the millennial. Prodorshoni brings out this exhibition and invites Shikdar to showcase his work as the opening exhibition of their platform.

The idea of ‘Prodorshoni’ sparked with the desire to exhibit those artists who create art with the breath of their lungs and the strength of their body. ‘Prodorshoni’ wants to bring those artists in light who do not reshuffle and trade-off old wine in new bottles. This unique initiative encourages artists who are enthusiastic and passionate to bring about a change with their brushes and imagination.

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Exhibition date: November 22-28