How Meghan Markle is about to change British Royalty

Gather your hats, shine the crown jewels and call the Bishop because Prince Harry is about to get married! The 33-year-old prince is all set to tie the knot with his girlfriend Meghan Markle as the couple announced their long and much anticipated engagement on Monday. While everyone is thrilled about the idea of getting to witness another Royal wedding (goodness, are they a treat for the eyes), the wedding actually has much more significance than we think.

Just look at these two, a dream couple.

Meghan Markle is on the verge of ushering in a new era for British Royalty. The 36-year-old is as perfect they come – an actor, humanitarian, a double major holder from Northwestern and an ambassador for both the United Nations and World Vision. Not to mention the fact that she’s an absolute stunner. We’re not sure who won here, your thoughts? Markle is also of mixed-descent, a divorcee and has received a Catholic education. While that may not matter for most families, the royal family has a history of resistance towards commoners, divorcees and Catholics, so the fact that they are willing to accept Markle into their family symbolises the fact British monarchy is not what it used to be.

Meghan Markle, a modern Royal.

The announcement has already caused an uproar of excitement on social media and we can’t wait for 2018 to arrive already. ANOTHER ROYAL WEDDING! Most people are lucky to witness one in their lifetime, we get to witness two. Let that sink in. Aside from changing British monarchy, Markel is definitely going to bring up the hotness rating of the Royal Family.

Irfan Aziz

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