“Jannat,” A Tale Of Tragedy as portrayed by Afran Nisho and Mehjabin

Afran Nisho plays the role of Zihan, who is careless and lazy. He has very little regard to the best friend who waits for him for hours and the date, whom he forgets to meet in the morning, as he wakes up way past noon. The story of “Jannat” revolves around two lovers, who met because fate asked them to. It starts with Mehjabin’s character, Zara playing with balloons with street kids and Zihan notices her. He believes this act is one of a rare soul and his intrigue makes him take his friend’s camera, with which he takes her photos, which is the start of a tragic love story.

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Zihan’s pursuit of her eventually forces Zara to give him a shot where their meeting in a church, is the climax of the story. Showing up late, carrying flowers, Sayem walks through the church in search of Zara, only to find her praying inside.The shock and sinking feeling in Sayem is evident in Nisho’s acting, as he tries to run away. It is then and there where he not only tells her the truth about himself, but also promises to give her a name of his own, “Jannat”. Leaving the flowers that he had brought for her, on the steps of the church, symbolizes his shock and hesitance regarding what their relation could be, if it could even become reality.

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Zara’s strict and societally bound father, is the perfect representation of the society we live in, where some of us are bound by the rules of the society, to such an extent that we not only end up sacrificing our happiness and love but also our lives. This is evident by her father forbidding Zara from ever involving herself with someone of a different religion. Zara represents that part of society, who are forced to either live unhappily or not live at all.

The symbolisms of the drama are quite commendable whether it was the hesitance portrayed by the abandoned flowers, or a lover’s imagination, that makes him believe what he believes to be his heaven, his lover is who he will be united with maybe only in death.

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The drama gives a very realistic insight to the world we live in. Because of the rules set by the society, a father loses his daughter while a lover loses another. While the drama was not quite well done, with the cinematography clearly having a vast space for improvement, it sure carries an important message of reality. Maybe, this was not the best portrayal of the issue but it sure is a start that could make us open ourselves to accepting different views which may clash with your own.

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