Glimpses from the spectacular TRESemme presents Daraz Fashion Week 2017

From October 21-26, Tresemme held one of the most anticipated shows of all time; the fashion show was nothing short of wonderful. Starting with some of Dhaka’s eminent clothing labels working the ramp to witnessing phenomenal performances by the sensational Xefer, each and every element of the show made it a night worth remembering.

Le Reve

Photographs by Zeto Creative

Le Reve opens its arms for everyone and every occasion. They present a complete wardrobe of uniquely crafted ethnic wear, casuals, edgy denim, and accessories inspired from the most contemporary fashion trends across the globe in an exciting mix of silhouettes, colour and styles.


Photographs by Zeto Creative

Amor’s collections are bringing a new dimension to the local design and embellishment industry introducing world leading decorative materials. Currently they are working with Swarovski as their exclusive development partner in the market and adding more in the coming days.


Photographs by Zeto Creative

For the last 13 years, 02 has garnered recognition for its unique collections; each individual piece is a result of craftsmanship. O2 has become the toast of men and women all over the country as it is made from diverse fabrics, various colours, sizes and shapes. From regular wear to wedding ensembles, O2 can be worn for both formal and casual events.


Photographs by Zeto Creative

Bright and eclectic outfits are what O|CODE excels at. O|CODE believes that comfort is something that goes hand in hand with fashion, hence they’ve introduced modern and vintage styles for people of all ages, that’s sure to give you a sense of elegance.


Photographs by Zeto Creative

YELLOW is the biggest and most successful fashion retail brand from Bangladesh that represents innovative style and true quality since 2004. Its designs are normally aimed at younger, fashion-forward customers who closely follow Asian and international fashion trends.


Photographs by Zeto Creative

Butterfly urges you to come out of your cocoon and embrace your beauty. It dreams to create clothes for every mood and help you bring out the best in you. When you wear a Butterfly original, you’re sure to feel stunning.


Photographs by Zeto Creative

Mansha is a boutique house where you will find eastern ethnic designers and traditional collection. Featuring a myriad of diverse cuts and designs, Mansha’s regal outfits are fit for every occasion.


Photographs by Zeto Creative

Zaara not only gives you a variety of options to choose from, they also ensure you get the very best of up and coming styles. Zaara brings you exotic ensembles that are sure to make you look radiant.


Photographs by Zeto Creative

Vasavi’s traditional collections have for long won the hearts of fashion aficionados here in Dhaka. They go the extra mile to bring you a myriad of unique and ethereal prints and patterns that amp up the beauty of the modern women.


Photographs by Zeto Creative

Started in 2007, Ghungru was founded by Sanjida Arefin Haq Luna, who started it as a passion project. In no time, the brand soared to new heights with its fusion of eastern and western designs and textures. Needless to say that Ghungru is here to stay for the long haul.


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