9 Songs that will get your partner in the mood

There is nothing stronger than the attraction two souls experience when they are in love. Before you geniuses start saying stuff like “Yeah right, metal is stronger” in the comment section, we are strictly talking about emotions here … perhaps.  In order to keep things exciting, sometimes you need to set the tone for your partner and that can be hard work. Although there are loads of ways to do that, for instance, cooking for them or pampering them but what if that’s not enough? You know what will make your work easier? Some good music!

It has been scientifically proven that music can directly affect a person’s mood. So, let us be your ultimate wingman as we bring you a playlist that will most definitely put your partner in a romantic mood.

1. Lana Del Rey- Love

Lana Del Rey’s voice has a relaxing and seductive tune to it and will help you ease into things.

2. The Paper Kite- Bloom

There is something magical about this song. Be it the innocence of the lyrics or the enchanting music, this song will put you and your partner in a trance.

3. Natalie Walker- Waking Dream

Much like the title of the song, this will make you feel like you’re in a dream.

4. Coldplay- Sparks

Throwback to the days Coldplay was not mainstream. One of their most underrated songs, this song will make you feel safe and loved. You’ll see the sparks.. see what we did there?

5. John Mayer- Your body is a wonderland

What’s a love playlist without this John Mayer classic?

6. Promiscuous- Nelly Furtardo Ft. Timbaland

Not as emotional as the other entries on this list but this song has the perfect blend of energy and flirty lyrics.

7. Zara Zara- Rehnahaiteredilmein

Romantic, filled with passion and nonchalance. If this doesn’t do the trick for you we don’t know what will.

8. Jadu hain nasha hain- Jism

Man the early 2000’s is a goldmine for songs spice up your mood a bit.

9. Humma Humma- Bombay/Ok Jaanu
Be it the original or the remix (two for the price of one), if you are with someone who is filmy or even remotely into Bollywood, they will understand the lingo.

Irfan Aziz

Irfan Aziz is a final year Economics student. He is a pug enthusiast who loves looking at memes, writing and sketching(not as much as he would want to).