5 ways you can bargain with your CNG wala and get away with it

I was waiting for my Pathao ride in Gulshan and suddenly a CNG came and the driver asked me ‘’Mama kothay jaben?’’ I stood there speechless, nodding my head in disagreement. But it took me while to register what just happen? I believe, since the revolution of CNGs no one has been fortunate enough to experience something this sort. There was a time when finding your lost pen drive was easier than finding a CNG on a Sunday evening. But now the table has turned. With services like Pathao and Ubermoto, now we get to say those three magical words, ‘’Na, Jabona.’’ Here are 5 ways to bargain with CNG drivers before he gets to say no.

1. ‘’Mama, Video kore Facebook a chere dibo kintu’’

No matter how much we roast social media, we have to admit that this is a great tool for blackmailing. Whether it’s posting an ugly picture of your siblings or threatening a cng driver to lower his demands, the social media has been a saving grace for many of us.

2. ‘’Pathao amake 70% discount dise’’

If he asks for 50 taka more, just say the magic words; he’ll budge quick and easy.

3. ‘’Meter e jabenna? Sergeant dakbo?’’

You and I both know calling the traffic police won’t be much of a help. But he doesn’t need to know that. With the right amount of confidence, you can pull it off like a bawse.

4. ‘’Same bharay Uber ei jete pari…AC o ase’’

AC beats natural ‘baatash’ any day; with a logic like that he’s bound to say yes.

5. Bhara beshi karon traffic? Pathao e joldi jete parbo tahole’’

The ‘mama rastay onek jam’ is the common excuse for CNG drivers to ask a sky high fare. But with this comeback, guess who will have the last laugh?