4 instances where Mashrafe won our hearts

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza: captain, leader, legend and the reason for millions of smiles. Our beloved captain was in the midst of controversy earlier this week when he got involved in a little spat with pace bowler Subashis Roy. The duo got into a heated argument during Rangpur Riders and Chittagong Vikings tie on Wednesday night. Mashrafe like the true gentleman he is played down the spat, apologized to Subhasish and also praised his cricketing abilities. In honour of our captain, we list down 4 moments when he conquered our hearts.

When he played off his heat with Subhasish like a champion

Let’s start with the most recent event. As mentioned earlier, Mashrafe in true gentlemanly manner played down the feud and praised Shubashis. He even posted a video on facebook where he praised the Chittagong Vikings and also apologized for not being able to control his temper. What an icon!

When he embraced his pitch invading supporter

During an ODI with Afghanistan, a fan somehow managed to make his way to the pitch to meet his hero, Mashrafe. We have seen so many cricketers get annoyed when fans invade the pitch but unlike them our captain actually embraced the fan, hugged him and even protected him from security personnel.

He even protected the fan from security

When he went to the 2015 World Cup despite his son being hospitalized

Just before the 2015 World Cup, Mashrafe’s 5 month old son was admitted to the hospital. It would have been perfectly understandable if he chose to stay back and attend to his son. But for our captain, the duty and the expectations of an entire nation came first and he decided to go to the World Cup to represent his country.

Duty comes first Mashrafe is an example for every cricketer

The fact that he plays through a life threatening injury

Every time Mash steps on the pitch, he stands the risk of not being able to walk again. We are all aware of his misfortunes with injuries but little do we know that if Mashrafe tears his ligament one more time, he might not be able to walk again. Like a true warrior and soldier, Mashrafe continues to play wearing knee-braces.

An absolute warrior
Irfan Aziz

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