10 ways to rock being single before getting hitched

It’s starting to be that time of the year again. When the leaves start turning in the trees, and mundane looking high-rises receive an eye-popping makeover – the firelight is a sure sign of two hearts tying the knot in blessed matrimony. Ah the romance. But, before considering the road to making such a big commitment, why not take yourself out for one last spin on the single’s lane.

This one is for the single ladies

Gather your battalion/squad/crew and make that trip you have been daydreaming about. It’s a great way to reconnect and build a lasting lifelong friendship for it gets harder to allocate time for each of your friends after marriage.

This one is for the single ladies

Solo trip

It’s the dream isn’t it? Chase it. See how you fend for yourself when you’re out there exploring every curiosity. Marriage is a big responsibility. And in order to be ready for that, one needs to become independent and strong on his or her own; and what better way to explore one’s strength and weakness than solo trips.

Travel by yourself

Mulla is MuiImportante

Get those ducks in a row. Before embarking on a journey which might involve a joint account (excuse the bad pun), get those financials in order and sort your debts if any.

Mulla is Mui Importante

Love your Loneliness

Rent an apartment. Get some roommates. Or live with your own fabulous self. Dictating your days and your space will help you fall in love with the practicality of simply living day to day.

Love your Loneliness

Pamper yourself

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. Don’t be too stingy when it comes to your own hard earned cash. Set some aside to spoil yourself in your well-deserved leisure.

Pamper yourself

What spooks you?

Sometimes when you think of marriage, a certain of sense anxiety kicks in. For a way to tackle those nerves, why not take up something to challenge yourself? Like public speaking, or learning a new language. And after marriage you will have something to follow up with.

What spooks you

Study Hard

While your attention remains fully in your custody, take advantage of it and broaden your educational horizon. While there is always room for education – even after marriage – certain priorities will take precedence inevitably.

Study hard

Work Hard

If you have any professional aspirations, and want to climb the rungs of the professional ladder – then now is the perfect time to start preparing to take that first bold step.

work hard

Who are you?

Find out. Learn to read your own emotions. Gage your own reactions. Tolerances and intolerances. Learn your limits. Assert yourself and find your boundaries. Once you know yourself – you’ve got one foot in the right direction to perhaps understanding others.

who are you

Find Family Time

A child getting married is perhaps a parent’s most bittersweet memory. Watching their baby go off into the big world, into a new family. So hold them, reassure them that you will always be their baby. Spend some quality time with your old folks.


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