10 types of friends who will comment on your Folk Fest check-in

If you’ve attended the Folk Fest last night, you are bound to give a check-in on Facebook, I mean come on, it is one of the biggest events of its kind. And what comes with check-ins? Yep, you guessed it lots and lots of comments. So, we’ve summed up the 10 types of friends who are bound to comment on your check-in. See how many types you have!

The Sentimental Friend

That one friend who will get sad about you not sharing your plans. Regardless of whether they could have made it or not had you included them, they will hold on to this for the foreseeable future.


The Introvert

This friend prefers staying home to outdoor activities and is proud of the fact. Hence the comment.


The “My parents are super strict” Friend

We can all relate to this. Our parents do indeed get very strict from time to time but we all have this one friend whose parents are strict 24/7.


The Forgetful One

Be it poor memory or too many things in life to deal with, this friend somehow managed to totally forget about the event.


The “Bebshai”

The wannabe businessman friend we all have. They would have probably ripped you off by giving you worse seats.


The Showoff

They have no interest to attend the show but will most definitely brag about how they got free tickets.


The Aspiring Musician

They spend day and night trying to perfect their skills and unlike most of us, they want to be on the other side of the stage.


That one friend who secretly attended the show

This presumably cunning person thought they could get away with attending the show alone. They’ll comment on your check-in to make things look normal. Yeah, smooth.


The homesick friend living abroad

This friend deserves a hug or at least a cookie. Away from home and just aching to attend the Folk Fest, insert sad emoji.


The hipster

You will never be cool enough for this person. Even if the folk-fest is the coolest event on earth, they’ll find something cooler and not mainstream at all.

Irfan Aziz

Irfan Aziz is a final year Economics student. He is a pug enthusiast who loves looking at memes, writing and sketching(not as much as he would want to).