10 thoughts I had after watching the “Fifty Shades Freed” trailer

Watching the new trailer of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, I can’t help but wonder what in the world was wrong with me back when I was a 15 year old. I can’t believe I have to admit this but I did in fact read the entire trilogy. Now, my inner goddess is screaming “what the heck”! (I just made a reference from the books, didn’t I?) I’ll just get to the point.

Before that lets watch the trailer again

My Thoughts:

1. “Good morning, wife!” – is this the new definition of a romantic, cheesy line to be included in the opening scene of a trailer?

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2. A young, hot, CEO husband and an almost impossible promotion from an intern to an editor- talk about a realistic plot.

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3. Just married and Christian Grey is already taking big decisions himself without consulting Ana. But who cares when you have enough money to buy another house if your wife doesn’t like this one?

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4. Right when you think they’ll have a healthy relationship, enter the red room.

The play room’s back too.

5. Why are almost all the women in the movie after Christian Grey? Oh right, he is a young man with a lot of money.  Making women seem like gold diggers since the first movie.

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6. Probably the only thing sexy in the trailer is the soundtrack.

7. When did Ana learn to drive a car like a speed racer? Why does the protagonist always magically happen to have secret talents?

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8. Jack is such a predictable jerk, coming back for revenge after trying to assault a woman like everything is her fault.

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9. Christian takes a vow to be faithful and the next instance he is seen to be meeting his ex-sub. Is this the kind of guy we are supposed to fan girl over?

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10. The trailer’s catchphrase is literally “Don’t miss the climax”. That is definitely pun intended. Is this a comedy or a romance movie?

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Tanzim Islam Silony

Tanzim Islam Silony is an introvert who loves burying herself in books, is often on the lookout for the supernatural, sings all the time even in her sleep and wants everyone to believe she is secretly funny.


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