Types of Ludo Star Players

Who thought we would live long enough to witness the day when the most famous board game of our times will become a digital phenomenon! But we guess ‘Ludo Star’ is just another step towards getting closer to a ‘Digital Bangladesh’. However, just like any other game, the players of Ludo star can also be categorized in few different characteristics. Let’s see which one you are. Don’t lie, we know you are on the list!

1. The ‘Player’
We all know someone like this. The whole purpose of this guy (10 out of 10 times it IS a guy) playing the game is to meet new girls. He will randomly start playing the game with you and the next thing you know, one more Message Request pops up in your Facebook. Someone please show him the route to ‘Tinder’. Wrong app bro.

2. The ‘I am No.1’
Do you have that annoying classmate who can’t stop blabbering about topping in the mid? Well, this is same person. They consider Ludo star as a war battle and losing is just not an option for them. Do you know what the next step is for him after winning a round? Posting a screenshot of the score board. Yes, there’s nothing stopping them.

Someone give her a cookie!

3. The Influencer
If Ludo Star was in real life then this person would surely make it to Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 Influencers of 2017. They are not contained with playing the game; they want everyone around them to play it with them. After a while, you stop taking their calls or end up avoiding them in class.

4. The ‘Bonia’
If this player isn’t studying business already, then we suggest they should switch their major ASAP! They are obsessed with collecting coins and making deals with fellow players. Their dad would be so proud seeing them make all those coin deals.

This guy is a hybrid of Bonia, player and influencer

5. The curious cat
These players can also be named as ‘followers’. They have no interest in the game. They are just playing because it’s ‘trending’. Okay hold up, before you start judging these people, don’t forget the time when you forced yourself to watch Game of Thrones because all of your friends were watching. We all are humans!