Spooky places in Dhaka you can visit this Halloween

There are only two months left before 2017 ends! It feels like yesterday when we were sweating our eyes out during May’s scorching heat. But we all know the last two months of the year come with lots and lots of celebration. Day’s like Children’s day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and the most awaited Halloween are celebrations that we all wait for. As we are leaning towards the end of October, the talk of the town is Halloween. From preparing costumes to watching ITin a dark room, everyone has something planned out for the day. But if you still couldn’t make any plans for this exciting day then we would like to suggest you some places that will surely urge your interest.

Don’t sleep alone tonight

Haunted House 3: Exorcism of Sarah Gomez in Six Season Hotel

Just like last year the Six Seasons Hotel brings to you 7 nights of fear. They promise to trap you in your own nightmare. This year the story revolves around Sarah Gomez who was brutally tortured by her family. So one fine night Sarah killed her entire family and kept feeding off their dead bodies. One day their relatives discovered an impoverished Sarah feeding on her mother. Taken to the exorcist, Sarah’s weakening health gave way after hours of failed attempts to cure her. However, her vengeful spirit still haunts this very building. Do you dare to explore the haunted house? If you do then clink the link below to be in your own horror movie.

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The Haunted Halloween Weekend Hosted by Dhaka Comicon

This Halloween at Jamuna Future Park Level-5, Courtesy: Dhaka Comicon you will get to meet cosplayers, listen to great music, get lost within the endless confines of a haunted house, share stories about your ‘encounters with the ghosts’ and in general be a part of monster madness! We all know, you want to explore the horror. So get ready, for a thriller of a time!

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Escape Myst

Escape Myst is the 1st escape room game in Bangladesh, where you solve interactive detective games in a real-life setting. Get ready to spend one of the most entertaining and exhilarating hours as you try to unravel the mystery of the room and break free from it!If you think the Haunted house would not be very good for your heart then you can also tryout your detective skills this Halloween. Because humans are more scary than daemons right?

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